this blog is inspired from my dad who's a health control freak..:D but in a good way though, who taught us alot in sickness and health. And its time to share it to everyone.. Sharing is Caring :D

Monday, December 20, 2010

Your Energy Diet

Sorry for the delay!!hectic schedule i guess... its true though. As promised this post is about the attachment that my parents emailed to me in 2008... long time ago huh :D



Need coffee to wake you up, chocolate to keep you up...but still run out of fuel at 4pm? Rather than relying on caffeine and sugary snacks, choose foods that will provide lasting energy, not just a quick burst. Once you have found out which foods you need to swap, follow a simple eating plan and you will be an irrepressible dynamo in no time.

Break the fast - don't skip breakfast. It kicks starts your metabolism and keeps mid-morning munchies at bay. For an energy charged breakfast, eat slow-release carbohydrates, such as oats or other wholegrain cereals or bread, along with protein, such as eggs, low-fat milk, yoghurt or peanut butter, plus fruit or juice to absorb iron.

Ditch the sandwich - have vegetable soup or salad for lunch instead, plus two or three portions of non-starchy vegetables with dinner. You may miss your sandwich at first, but you will feel more satisfied this way. Moreover, vegetables provide
nutrients needed to produce energy and are low in calories.

Choose fruit - sugar saps energy and B vitamins, vitamin C and magnesium. For snacks to keep you alert and slim, opt for fresh fruit, raw vegetables, nuts or sugar free yoghurt.

Try nuts and seeds - if you need a snack, have a handful of unsalted almonds or pumpkin seeds. The protein found in nuts and seeds enables sugar to be released slowly, thus maintaining blood-sugar balance. Pulses such as beans, lentils and chickpeas (found in hummus) are also excellent for dropping oestrogen levels.

Don't eat after 7pm - if you eat after 7pm, your body will struggle to process food, leading to poor sleep and tiredness the next day. Eat small, frequent meals for a regular energy supply, instead of starving all day and having a big meal in the evening.

Get your fill of water - being dehydrated is a common cause of fatigue. Drink six to eight glasses of water daily and eat water-holding foods, such as fruit and grains. Also complex carb, brown rice provides a steadier energy release than white rice. It also holds water and helps absorb and eliminate toxins from the body.

Opt for good fats - a source of energy-releasing phosphorous, virgin coconut oil, avocados are rich in monounsaturated fat, which do not raise cholesterol levels. Ward of sluggishness by using minimal added fat, olive soya or sunflower oil and replace butter with low-fat

Eat sweet potatoes - few things are as comforting as potatoes - but make them sweet ones. Sweet potatoes have a lower glycaemic index (GI) than regular spuds, which mean they are converted into sugar in the body at a lower speed and ward off energy dips. Boiled new potatoes are also good, as they have lower levels of starches than other types.

Have herbal tea - coffee may provide a quick boost, but it won't last. It also contains two chemicals called theophylline and theobromine, which may disturb sleep and cause PMS-related symptoms. While on the subject drink alcohol in moderation - as well as affecting blood sugar levels adversely and increasing appetite, it also interferes with the absorption of nutrients such as zinc and B vitamins.

Increase your intake of soya - phytoestrogens, found in soya beans (and soy products, include tofu) mimic our own oestrogen and may help reduce severity of hot flushes and fatigue


So there you go guys, lets give it a try to improve our well being (im
telling this to myself too!)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

From my Parents

" Assalamu'alikum,

Hi Nana,
Enclosed herewith initial health routine programme for you and Raden.Please adhere seriously, Remember health is wealth. With good health you can go further in your career and your profession


Papa & Mami "

this was the original email from my parents to me dated 15th february 2008 & and i still keep it in my inbox. The attachement tittle was YOUR ENERGY DIET.. Sometimes when im feeling low, exhausted and taking for granted of our eating & diet, i'll open this email back just to remind myself. I do confessed tht i havent yet adhere it seriously, but InsyaAllah one day i will & so do you

I'll post it in my next post cos i've got some design jobs need to be done here (weekend doing office work... "luv my job"...hahaha)

pics of us with my parents during last Raya

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Our VCO is in NSTP

Remember the VCO pics that i posted in my previous post about Daania's supplement? well last Wednesday evening, radin called me from his site mentioning our VCO (Timeless) is in NSTP featuring article on it & the founder (Datin Fauziah Abdul Aziz --- cam adik beradik plak ngn i, huhu). Despite the heavy rain at tht moment, i did ran to the next building of my office to buy the paper, luckily there were 2 pieces left.. huhu.

1 whole page coverage on NSTP,wednesday dec 8th

close up on the write up

For those who'r unfamiliar with VCO should read this full article... and guess what... after all this while searching for the best VCO, personally i think Timeless has it for its highest content of Lauric Acid and many other things, and the best part is.. it has IMP (Islamic Manufacuring Practise) and 100% organic... wow! Im just overwhelmed :D
Previous entry i did mention focused only for daania. So for a better, fast & clear review i listed down the benefit of VCO for all ages & people (which is some new for me especially for nursing mummy! cus for all this while i keep on focusing on my child).
aids to boost your baby's immune system due to high content of MCFAs
Nursing Mummy
increase the level of MCFAs in their milk, passing important nutrients in the milk to your baby
To maintin trim /slim / overweight
increase metabolism (to be compliment with daily exercise & healthy diet)
Feeling lack of energy?
the MCTs in VCO is digested immediately to produce energy and stimulate metabolism , usually athlete consume it to improve their training. this is totally real cus since my husband consume VCO, he doesnt need to sleep everytime we travel back to JB nor i have to drive half way down.. yippie!
rich in anti oxidant.. im totally have to consistently consume this..hehe!
poor digestion? weak immune system? my dad did mentioned the best bowel movement for a healthy person is only once a day! the most is twice (not applicable to newborn babies)... but if more or less than that there's problem in your digestion. the MCFAs in VCO are easily absorb & digested n helps to ease bowel disease too. So when you're having good digestion, it will also strength your immune system. walla!
this is just partial of it, but for me it really helps to maintain our general health being.
allright than... at this moment im thinking of posting supplement for adult plak as recommended by my dad. c yah!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

hepi b'day to me :)

Hepi bday to me on the 26th Nov :) hepi bday to Pak Lah too not to forget...hehe. This year we decided to celebrate it on the 27th cuz im just to exhausted on my birthday due to my hectic schedule at the office and outstations... phewwh. I personally declared holiday for myself on my birthday by having a long nice uninterrupted sleep at home...hahaha, y uninterrupted? bcos my hp was flushed down the toilet during my outstation the day b4 that... what a tragic on my bday eve..isk isk

Anyway, on saturday we had our family outing started at 12noon. At first we went to my boss' son's wedding at KL (no pics here, radin forgot to snap) Than around 330 we shoot off to midvalley for the Baby & parents expo. Such a hectic event... went there to cuci mata jek (eventhough dalam kepala nak belikan daania new car seat..huhu). Than dah pening sgt ramai sgt org we went to One Utama for dinner

us at the expo entrance (time ni nak balik dah without any catch :( )
Than having dinner at Garden. Such a nice place to dine in... the food was great , Daania keep on eating non stop too (budak kecik ni mmg pelahap)...hahahaha

daania sibuk nak pegang pokok

daania with her funny face.. she was trying to get down on the floor actually

radin's catch.. carbonara

this is mine... the sauce was delicious
there were smoke salmon salad that we ordered n it was nyummy, too nyummy smpi lupa nak amik gambar...hehe

lastly, tnx to Baba for the treats..... and also for the bday present.. my long favourite purse a hallolulu (u should look at my old purse.haha, nazak dah). tnx dear... luv u alot!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Supplement PART 2

At last, managed to post this entry due to my hectic schedule at the office...As promised, here are the lists

from left: virgin coconut oil (VCO), multivatimin, colostrum

The above pics are daania's basic daily supplements

Virgin coconut oil (below & above 1 yr old)

The beneficial is tremendous, u can just google it. Among it and the reason why my dad recommended it was

"The main component in breast milk that helped babies stay strong and free from diseases is the Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs), especially Lauric Acid. Outside mother's breast milk, Lauric Acid is the primary saturated fatty acids found in Virgin Coconut Oil. The MCFAs in both breast milk and coconut oil improves nutrient absorption, aid digestive function, and protect baby from harmful microorganisms"

I read in a magazine, it says that VCO can also totally cure kids under 2yrs old with pnuemonia.. how cool huh. Now days, VCOs are getting more popular and some you can buy it in stores. Basically the basic guideline in looking for VCO is it should be cristal clear liquid and high content of Lauric Acid.

So how to apply? When im not sending daania to nursery, i'll just pump twice into her milk everytime she drinks. But during working days & since that all these supplements i didnt leave it at the nursery (cus pernah hilang.. :( ) so i just give it to her early morning & once at home & pump 3-5 times , sometimes even direct in her mouth & she love it.

Multivitamin (above 1 yr old)

This multivitamin contents all the basic vitamins and minerals a growing kids should have. My dad recommended it when daania entered 1 yr old. At first she reluctant to have it due to its sourly taste, but berkat kesabaran ibu die ( + paksa daania minum...hehe) now she even asked for more. As instructed for daania age 5ml twice a day with meal. But for weekdays, i just managed to give her once a day because we have to send her to the nursery early morning.

Colostrum (above 1 yr old)

As everyone knows colostrum is the early milk . It provides nature’s ultimate formula for enhancing your child’s health, vitality, immune and digestive strength. Its a chewable tablet, as a start you may just crushed it first before giving it to your kids. The one that i bought has a fruity flavour and kids will really love it. Since that its so handy, i just simply give to daania while on the way to her nursery.. walla!


there goes my daania basic supplements.. simple jek kan.. trust me. Maybe some may think, anak dia ni makan bende2 ni sihat giler ke? To be frank, kids are vulnerable.. so does my daughter (lagi la bila dah duduk nursery and suke kutip masuk mulut apa dia nak), so for sure sometimes she'll have flu, coughing and fever (type AB blood baby are prone to cold... so mmg senang lah kene selsema budak kecik nih) . So when there's any sign of flu, cough or fever is getting her, i'll topup with these supplements below just to boost her antibody

This one i bought it after reading Mamibaby magazine. (ni my dad tak specifically recommend, i beli sendiri..huhu) Its a probiotic powder with vanilla flavour. You can google for the benefit. Since that daania is still little, she directly consume the powder from the sachet (its an option as instructed) But if your kids is old enough, its easy to just dissolve it in cold water

from left: Vitamin C (senget palk btol ni i susun..huhu), Q Gummy , Vitamin AD

The vitamin C & Q Gummy is for when daania's having running nose (remember to buy natural based supplement) If you noticed at the Q Gummy bottle cover stated with Cordycep. Cordycep is actually a type of mushroom to boost your immune system ( as mentioned by my dad, sorry tak sempat to goggle for it)
Lastly the far right is the Vitamin AD, used if daania have a cough and fever (adult pun boleh makan bila demam) Its a tablet and can be dissolved in water, so i just add 1 tablet in her milk if she's having fever. My dad did mention vitamin AD is good when you're having coughing with flam and good for kids with bronchitis & pnuemonia. If you notice, these vitamins is basically already can be found in daania's Multivitamin, so actually, it's only used if she's having any fever symptoms.

For your guys info, my daughter totally LOVE all the supplements (dia ingat snack agaknya) and even i have to hide the chewable tablets so that she wont ask for more..huhu

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Supplement PART 1

gambar hiasan cikenit bagi menceriakan entry ini..(cilok gambar baba daania) huhu :)

I've been reading this web article on Why Our Children Need Supplements & Natural Immune Boosting Support influenced me to write this entry. Daania started having her 1st suppliment since she was a little baby and the rest when she was 1 yr old (due to most suppliment in the market is for 1yr old and above).

For your guys information, all of daania's supplement (and ours) is recommended by my dad.. huhu, tnx papa :) a little introduction of him (ni copy paste jek dari his biography usually used by MCs when he's invited to deliver speeches)

Dr. Abd Azis Ishak is a well-known reflexologist and complementary medicine practitioner, he was conferred PhD in Manipulative Medicine delves deeply into the practice of alternative and complementary medicine and remarkable benefits of natural medicine and reflexology.

Practicing at the Impian Emas Medical Centre the first and only integrative health care centre in Johor located at Taman Impian Emas, Skudai, Johor Bahru. A holistic, comprehensive approach with no drugs and no surgery, safe, effective and simple alternative therapies , for the prevention and the treatment of Heart Disease, Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, Diabetic and Diabetic Complications, Allergy and other Chronic Degenerative Diseases.

Well, there u go... a brief info on our personal health consultant..haha :)

I'll list down lists of daania's suppliments on the next entry... but basically the basic guideline when buying suppliment is ask the pharmacist for natural based (bio flavounite ... lbey kurang lah eja ni..haha) and none synthetic supplement. So....PART 2 will b coming sooonn

Saturday, October 30, 2010

my dream shoe

the isabooties range. Happened to be Isabooties is an eco-friendly product.yey! Go Green!

soo my favourite :) (i know sure my frens would say...ok so color isem :) just cant help it guys)

Well clearly not for me..but for daania... hahaha, been eyeing for these isabooties shoes for several months tapi tak beli2 pun, just adoring it at the website n fb.. harga.. ouch! for a kid's shoe i think. huhu . And alang2 surfing on its website, i found a good article on Tips for choosing the right shoe for your infant / toddler. Here i copy n paste in (meaning i typed it back...huah rajin plak ek despite my lil' daania pun mnyebuk kat sebelah ni)

Tips for treating your baby’s tootsies right

Baby shoes keep getting cuter, but you may want to hold off on putting them on your infant. “If it’s a special occasion, shoes are fine-but otherwise, it’s best to keep your baby barefoot until he’s walking outside on unsafe surfaces or his feet need to be covered due to the weather,” says Tanya Remer Altmann, M.D., a pediatrician in Westlake Village, Calif., and author of 2006’s The Wonder Years and 2008’s Mommy Calls. Meanwhile follows these expert suggestion:

Buy shoes with flexible soles unless your child is a late walker (17months or later). Look for brands that are firm enough to protect your baby’s tootsies yet allow him to bend his feet easily

Choose stiff soles if your child isn’t walking by about 17 moths. “Children who are late walkers tend to have very flat, flexible feet,” says Ronald Valmassy,DPM. A podiatrist at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco. “They need a stable base of support to push off from”

Skip sock on slick floors. An unsteady walker can slip on wood or tile. If you want to keep those little toes warm, opt for soft, flexible shoes with nonslip on suede soles

Use sandals sparingly. Sandals are not for toddlers who are running, climbing and getting into everywhere.” Altmann says

Size up often. Re-evaluate your child shoes size every 3 months. That’s how quickly his feet grow


Frankly, i dont have the time yet to look at the shoes in store. The only store that i know tht sells it is Tiny Tapir, besides that are online store which sells cheaper than the market price. Only that b4 i buy it online, i think i have to take alook first ..huhu

But last few weeks i did found similar concept shoe at Tree House in One Utama, the designs are cool too and much cheaper but still isabooties have a lot more design range. So kesimpulannya... tgk lah camner.. haha :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Readings | Fresh Foods for Babies & Toddlers

the magazine cover (ada tukang selak yg sibuk2 nak tolong ibu amik gmbr :) )

its a great guide for all parents just looking at the content

preparation kit, saje jek amik this photo cus its nice

guide in making varies types of vege & fruit purees

book description
This book offers sound advice for all parents, as well as a multitude of recipes - including brilliant family meals, party food and purees for first-time eaters., compiled by The Australian Women's Weekly

This entry dedicated to my dear fren Nor who's preparing for her lil' Naufal which going to be 6mths this Nov :D

I accidentally found this book at MPH 1 Utama when Daania was around 8mths i think. The first thing tht did caught my eyes are the cute images of each recipes..hehe.
Price: RM24.90

Friday, October 15, 2010

lil' daania's fav

Daania's latest stock.. Everything in this cupboard i bought at Cold Storage, IKANO :D
Skrg ni for her lunch and dinner, i love to make pasta (organic vege pasta; the top left in the pics) and mixed together with Heinz organic pasta cheese bake alternate with rice porridge ... walla!

Daania with her Rafferty's apple and cinnamon purie (her 9mths photo, rambut ciput jek..huhu)

Daania's fav snack at this moment, the white packaging snack i just discovered at Cold Storage Plaza Pelangi, JB (jauh tak...hehe), kat KL belum nampak lagi

Dalam banyak2 organic baby food in the market, my luv at first sight was this brand ; Rafferty's Garden. Suke giler because of its handy packaging. I started bought its cereal , fruit & vege puries and yogurt since daania 6mths dulu. Cuma now dah jarang beli sikit sbb started cooking heavier meal for her, so most of it i bought raw veges and organic pastas. And another brand is Organix, most of daania's snacks are from this brand.. only that it's a little expensive. So sometimes i do buy non organic snacks such as Baby bites or Heinz to alternate with the organic snacks :D

Since that i'm staying in Sri Damansara, most of the stocks i bought at Ikano; either Cold Storage or JUST LIFE, and saldomly around TTDI. And if im in JB, either Cold Storage, Plaza Pelangi or a Organic store in Taman Tasek ( tak ingat plak nama dia, i'll check later). But still most supermarket eg Jusco, cold storage, Sogo do sell organic products

As mentioned, most of the time i bought organic veges, potatoes, sweetpotatoes, pastas, fruits at JUST LIFE because i think its cheaper probably because its an organic & eco store & has more variety (jd member dapat discount :D) .. even organic tempeh, organic candy, organic chocolate pun ada..huhu.. and besides that really2 luv entering this store cus it has a rustic & rugget look :)
p/s: im not receiving any commision by promoting this.. hahaha :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

what's eating daania

Due to personal decision & supported by my husband n family, we chose to give Daania organic food as much as we can. Probably because looking at myself yang allergic with certain food, im just trying to avoid my daughter to have the same problem as me. Some of my girlfrens did ask is it truly beneficial? nnti anak ko x cerewet makan ke? tak mahal ke?

here is an article just to share with u guys on the benefit. for detail you may click here
" Is organic baby food really best for your baby? Pediatrician Elizabeth Knapp, MD, with Austin Regional Clinic Far West, believes it can be beneficial, especially before the age of two when baby brains are developing at a rapid rate and the organs are most likely to be sensitive to exposure to harmful substances.

"Good nutrition is important at any time because its helps build a body that will sustain a child for the rest of his or her life," says pediatrician Elizabeth Knapp, MD, with Austin Regional Clinic.

If financially feasible, Dr. Knapp recommends choosing organic baby foods or making your own from organic products to avoid contamination with pesticides or other toxins. "Even small amounts of pesticide exposure are dangerous for babies because of their smaller body mass. Their brains are developing rapidly and are especially sensitive to neurotoxins at this age."

Non-organic foods, including baby foods, also contain higher levels of hormones and antibiotics "

Part yg cerewet makan pun, i tgk my daughter tak cerewet pula untill now. Sumbat lah apa2 dia hepi jek menganga nak :D Its just as a working mother, you have to sacrifice your time to cook her meal every day early in d morning before sending her to the nursery. I do admit that sometimes mmg tak sempat nak masak, so got to rely on the nursery's food and redha jek lah... huhu.

Mahal? its subjective... for me at the end of the day how our baby's health we want it to be. I think not that much, just bought a little portion just for them, untuk mak bapaknya makan macam biasa jek lah :)

Next entry i'll may list out what organic food i usually buy for daania, her snacks and where to buy them

Friday, October 8, 2010


book description
Now, you can help your baby get started right. It's never too early to start a healthy blood type diet lifestyle. Help your baby get the best possible start in life with Dr. D'Adamo's Eat Right 4 Your Baby. Dr. D'Adamo follows his best selling health library with a program designed to provide optimal conditions for fertility as well as for pregnancy and childbirth. Divided into sections for the 4 blood types, Dr. D'Adamo provides nutritional strategies--including recipes--offering detailed advice on what foods to consume, avoid, and how frequently to eat. He also suggests exercises for before and after birth that are based on type. This is a complete, easy-to-use guide that every health conscious parent to-be should have. (

I've posted this before in my FB long time ago. Daania were 4mnths old when i bought it, at that time tgh cari baby foods recepies for 6mnths. It was so good and i did promote it to all my frens with baby and most of them bought it too :D.

When Daania started her solid, i tried to feed her organic food as much as possible. Its just my own personal decision. Even in this book it mentioned that "Choose organic food only". Susah nak achive 100% though lagi lagi la bila dah masuk nursery..huhu. It lists beneficial and avoid food based on your baby blood type to boost up baby immune system and what our baby is prone to. As for daania she's a AB baby, so she's more prone to colds (which is totally true), but by giving her the right food and suppliment (and seboleh2nye try to avoid ubat spital;still my personal choice), her recovery is more natural eventhough it took some time

Last important info.. I bought it at POPULAR bookstore with only RM19.90. Reasonable price huh!?

the time has arrived

after years of thinking.. and thinking...and thinking..i've created a blog! yey! alast! as mentioned above creating this is genuinely inspired by my dad n daania, how they affect our lifestyle & health specifically... especially through out my pregnancy and having our lil' princess.

Im just hoping that our experience or others will benefit everyone here
and other than that, just having fun with this blog

Lets have a great & blessed life... Amin :D