this blog is inspired from my dad who's a health control freak..:D but in a good way though, who taught us alot in sickness and health. And its time to share it to everyone.. Sharing is Caring :D

Monday, April 29, 2013

My Delivery Journey

ALHAMDULILLAH!..Thats the first word that came out from me when the nurse place my baby on my chest after the delivery 😊

So here goes the whole story.....saje nak cerita (ntah ada org bace ke tak) haha!

It was my 36++ weeks of pregnancy.. Working as usual, on wednesday morning felt so uncomfortable with my tummy, contraction + senak + mcm nak pitam for almost 1 1/2 hrs. After that sambung keje cm biasa sbb ada discussion at 10, after the discussion i went to the toilet and found out ada was fresh blood, but very little... Apelagi..gabra laaaa..huhu. Phone my gynea dr. siti, but she was treating a patient..the nurse inform me dr. Siti will return my call

So tunggu punyer tunggu, dr. Siti called and i informed her. Straight away she said "esok doctor buka cerclage Isma lah ye, than we'll see ada progress or not, if ada Isma kene admit terus"  n i was like... OCCAYYY... surprisingly i mmg occay, probably sebab dah tak larat nak bawak perut ke hulur hilir...uhuhu. But still a little worried sbb 36w, sure baby kecik, takut prematured je

The next day, i packed me n my baby's stuff just incase kene admit and in labour terus...senang, tak payah hubby susah2 nak pack later and most important tak lah banyak salah barang yang die bawak...uhuhuhu...oops, sorry sayang :D to cut the story short, after my cerclage was been taken off (alhamdulillah not painfull, just a little discomfort) my cervix straight away dilated n bukaan 3cm!! Ok..confirm kene tahan kat labour room, than every 4 hours they will monitor for any progress.

So through out that Thursday, i was in the labour room lepaking and watching korean drama.. Seriously, was not feeling any contraction... And tido jek memanjang... Konon to get enough rest, so that when the real contraction comes and nak push ada energy..uhuhu. The next day, Friday Subuh, the nurse checked and dah bukak 5cm..uit, i didnt feel any contraction... And i was thinking, logiclah!  Itu la pasal kene pasang cerclage at the first place, my servix senang dilate i guess.

Dr. Siti came to check at around 915, still 5cm...than dr. pecahkan air ketuban, this was my first experience sbb masa pregnantkan Daania dulu, air ketuban pecah sendiri. At 10am, the contraction start cominggg, apa lagi...the breathing technique really helps! Ooo and this time first time cube pakai gas, saje gatal... Ok gak...mamai2 but it helps divert your attention away from the pain :D Not long after that, i was in labour...but the nurse werent there because they attended another 2 patients... Nasib baik hubby ada and i asked him to call the nurses (sambil tgh mamaii..uhuhu, padahal patut tekan bell kat sebelah jek!)

The nurses arrived, and i was really really mcm nak deliver ( the meneran sensation came...huah, sensation giteww) since dr.siti tak sampai lagi, my hubby was asked to hold my leg straight, so that i tak terteran. Bila dr. sampai jek, i do feel that the head is extruding, and i was asked to push. I remembered it was 4x kottt, than the little bundle of joy was delivered! It was 11.51am, 2.72 kg... Looks so tiny to me...and healthy, thats more important.

Alhamdulillah dipermudahkan and i was soooo gratefull to Allah. Looking the little one face right after the delivery drained away the pain and all the complications that i've to go through during this pregnancy. Semoga anak ibu and baba menjadi anak yang Soleh :)