this blog is inspired from my dad who's a health control freak..:D but in a good way though, who taught us alot in sickness and health. And its time to share it to everyone.. Sharing is Caring :D

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Qaed turns 1!!

Agak lame sangat (nak sebut giler tapi selalu kene sound ngan Daania..huhu) tak hupdate la kan. So on the 19th April was Qaed's first birthday!! Ya Ampunnn..pantasnya masa berlaluuuu :D Me and hubby was like..nak celebrate 4beranak je ke or nak buat makan2 sikit...pikir punya pikir kitorg buat mini celebration je with my parents, and inlaws. Just a very simple party for Qaed so that bila die tgk album die nanti..hehe. Tak lah kluar dialog "Apsal kakak daania banyak gambar, ada celebrate birthday..Qaed xde????" (That was me la kan mase kecik, adik beradik semue byk gambar and celebrate birthday party, me alone je xde..sadd..haha :P)

So here are just some simple diy birthday props. No theme actually, just simply a nice cute props that i could think of for our cute lil Qaed ☺️

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My wish of being a WAHM

Nothing much to just being so emotional at this very moment because tomorrow is my 1st day back to work :'(

Oh Allah..please grant my duas to take care my kids with my own hand. Please ease my path...


Thursday, August 1, 2013

60 Days

I've just noticed i left this title hanging without thread (gantung tak bertali..haha!) for almost more than a month. Was planning to share my self confinement experience actually..Guess i have to flash back my memories than :D

Titutitutitutitu (ni bunyi ala2 karen back to the past) heeeee

Why i decided to choose self confinement?

1. My mum passed away last 2 years...ok part ni sedih sikit lah ye, bare with me. I believe that all daughters in the world would love to be cared by their own mum during confinement. Its either in your own house, or your parents house..because you want to be comfortable and tak segan. Time ni lah nak ngade2 n everything la kan. My in laws did offer to stay at their home... I luv them..i do! But i just cant. Plus my brother in laws pun dah besar2 kat rumah tu...and im very concern with my Aurah. So i thought that its better to be in my own home. Eventhough ada sorang my brother in law staying with us, but he's working so malam je ok la. Tak la i kene pakai tudung 24/7, kalo tak stressfull jugak...which sometimes i do get stressed out because of this. Because if my brother in law balik rumah, i prefer to just stay in the bedroom, kalau nak lepak or breastfeed my baby in the living room, sure kene pakai proper and pakai tudung. At first i was ok, but lama2 i was really tense n felt clusterphobic and having several nervous breakdown...thanks to my imbalance hormone,huhu. Shared this with my husband? Yup i did...but he asked me to bare with it because his brother is doing his photography job..easy for him to monitor. So i have to bare with it la. Oh dont get me wrong.. I love my brother in law..he's nice, and nice to my kids...iyerlah time tu tgh postnatal depression, tu yang tak keruan jadinya. But Alhamdulillah now im ok with it... ( sometims ade gak la tension..yerla...kat luar kene pakai tudung, balik rumah kene pakai tudung ) but what to do... ive to sacrifice my freedom (hope 1 day my husband would appreciate what i have done...hehe)

2. Not enough budget to hire confinement lady. As our budget dah lari since that i admitted few times before deliver :( Originally i planned to have confinement lady to take care of me...Ilmu pantang tak cukup...oops. now you know my pantang this time was so haywire :( But my mother in law did prepare my lunch/dinner during the early days and bath my baby. Im so greatfull to have a caring parents in law. Sanggup tengahari diorg hantar lauk :') Alhamdulillah. But the problem was me, being pelahap in nature, i usually eat the whole meal at lunch (eventhough my MIL prepared together with dinner) So my dinner will be apa yang available la. But still i ate healthy food la, only either it is panas or sejuk food...i belasah jek. Other than that.. My husband was my confinement guy! He did prepare my breakfast, air herba untuk mandi, take good care of my daughter and layan my kerenah lah :D Another sacrifice of not being cared properly during confinement. Hopefully it doesn't effect my health later.. Even till now i didn't had my last 3 days urut :(

Because of the reasons above...  Really taught me for being independent. Alhamdulillah....thank you Allah! my luka bersalin healed much earlier compared to the first one. So i can take care of myself and my baby. I already did house chores during the first week of my confinement....but ringan2 jek la.

Another thing, I can feel that i get easily depressed this time (i even met homeopathy doctor for treatment) Probably its my first pregnancy and post delivery without my mum. Pregnancy + delivery + confinemet without our mum is REALLY HARD! But day passes by, i always pray to Allah to ease my burden and try as much as i could to think positive... Semoga semuanya dipermudahkan :)

Monday, April 29, 2013

My Delivery Journey

ALHAMDULILLAH!..Thats the first word that came out from me when the nurse place my baby on my chest after the delivery 😊

So here goes the whole story.....saje nak cerita (ntah ada org bace ke tak) haha!

It was my 36++ weeks of pregnancy.. Working as usual, on wednesday morning felt so uncomfortable with my tummy, contraction + senak + mcm nak pitam for almost 1 1/2 hrs. After that sambung keje cm biasa sbb ada discussion at 10, after the discussion i went to the toilet and found out ada was fresh blood, but very little... Apelagi..gabra laaaa..huhu. Phone my gynea dr. siti, but she was treating a patient..the nurse inform me dr. Siti will return my call

So tunggu punyer tunggu, dr. Siti called and i informed her. Straight away she said "esok doctor buka cerclage Isma lah ye, than we'll see ada progress or not, if ada Isma kene admit terus"  n i was like... OCCAYYY... surprisingly i mmg occay, probably sebab dah tak larat nak bawak perut ke hulur hilir...uhuhu. But still a little worried sbb 36w, sure baby kecik, takut prematured je

The next day, i packed me n my baby's stuff just incase kene admit and in labour terus...senang, tak payah hubby susah2 nak pack later and most important tak lah banyak salah barang yang die bawak...uhuhuhu...oops, sorry sayang :D to cut the story short, after my cerclage was been taken off (alhamdulillah not painfull, just a little discomfort) my cervix straight away dilated n bukaan 3cm!! Ok..confirm kene tahan kat labour room, than every 4 hours they will monitor for any progress.

So through out that Thursday, i was in the labour room lepaking and watching korean drama.. Seriously, was not feeling any contraction... And tido jek memanjang... Konon to get enough rest, so that when the real contraction comes and nak push ada energy..uhuhu. The next day, Friday Subuh, the nurse checked and dah bukak 5cm..uit, i didnt feel any contraction... And i was thinking, logiclah!  Itu la pasal kene pasang cerclage at the first place, my servix senang dilate i guess.

Dr. Siti came to check at around 915, still 5cm...than dr. pecahkan air ketuban, this was my first experience sbb masa pregnantkan Daania dulu, air ketuban pecah sendiri. At 10am, the contraction start cominggg, apa lagi...the breathing technique really helps! Ooo and this time first time cube pakai gas, saje gatal... Ok gak...mamai2 but it helps divert your attention away from the pain :D Not long after that, i was in labour...but the nurse werent there because they attended another 2 patients... Nasib baik hubby ada and i asked him to call the nurses (sambil tgh mamaii..uhuhu, padahal patut tekan bell kat sebelah jek!)

The nurses arrived, and i was really really mcm nak deliver ( the meneran sensation came...huah, sensation giteww) since dr.siti tak sampai lagi, my hubby was asked to hold my leg straight, so that i tak terteran. Bila dr. sampai jek, i do feel that the head is extruding, and i was asked to push. I remembered it was 4x kottt, than the little bundle of joy was delivered! It was 11.51am, 2.72 kg... Looks so tiny to me...and healthy, thats more important.

Alhamdulillah dipermudahkan and i was soooo gratefull to Allah. Looking the little one face right after the delivery drained away the pain and all the complications that i've to go through during this pregnancy. Semoga anak ibu and baba menjadi anak yang Soleh :)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Entering The 8 Months

Entering 8 months pregnancy

Total weight gain till last checkup on the 14/3 +- 10.5kg :D (senyum sampai ke telinga)

But at this moment tak tahu la... makan cam tak hengat jek, n rase berat nak jalan sometimes

Braxton Hicks obviously has started

Barang baby tak prepare lagiii... yaiksss!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

This Pregnancy

In the mood of sharing my experience during this pregnancy. As you may know there were complications during my first 12 weeks, but Alhamdulillah everything is fine after the surgery... The nauseness at night, was gradually decreasing through out the months.

At this very moment , im already half way through..24+weeks lorr. This time mmg rase sgt cepat.. Tup tup dah 24weeks, and sometimes i do lost track..mengharap during my monthly checkup with my gynea..hehe. Since after the surgery everyhting is smooth Alhamdulillah only that some problem with my back. This pregnancy is so much different with my 1st and 2nd one by the way

Weight gain
My weight gain really slow, as for now i only gained 5 kilos..compared dulu..i gained 2 kgs or more each month..haha. Kalau tgk balik my pics masa pregnantkan Daania at 6months agak kebolatan lah. My maternity blouse pun bile nak pakai balik this time rase mcm sgt gabak. But still tak tahulah lepas ni kan...huhu.,was hoping i dont gain that much (so senang nak kurus balik lepas bersalin...Konon!). And even though my weight not gaining that much, my little one is growing mcm johan, Ahamdulillah. My gynea kate the baby is big n panjang ( of cos lah kot yg part panjang tu, sbb ibu n baba die kan panjang..ehe) so my interpretation is, the nutritions that i ate is well received by my baby, even though masa awal2 dulu boleh tahan gak muntah2.... I guess my haemoglobin is just nice this time...hehe.. Boleh tak pakai theory ni :D

Salty food!!! most comfort food of all. No manis2... Or my stomach will feel bloated. Compared mase pregnantkan daania... my confort food was ice cream! There were several times i ate cakes, chocs, candies or sweet drinks.... I did throw up... Haha! Skrg ni okla skit, but still i go for salty food. Tu yg bile checkup suspen juga takut BP naik, but Alhamdulillah normal. I do have issues with my blood preassure since my last pregnancy, even was admitted due to it during my 6months pregnancy at that time. The 2nd one was on high blood medication sebab everytime checkup mesti tinggi. Alhamdulillah, this time until my last checkup, everything's normal. I think our gynea really plays an important role, my gynea Dr Siti Zaleha is such a nice and motherly person to be with and she's the one who took her patients' blood pressure, not her nurses compared to my previous gynea. So being with her i'll feel calm and relax, tu yg BP 2 theory plak :D

This time i choose to try prenatal supplements by Shaklee ( im not an agent by the way) . My last pregnancy, my supplements was purchased separately, ade yg kat gnc, guardian or mane2 pharmacy lah. But this time so malas, thought of purchasing it under one roof, thats where the idea came from actually. I googled it, and Shaklee was it. Alhamdulillah, im serasi with it and In Sha Allah will continue with it during my post natal period :) oo by the way on top of that i do consume virgin coconut oil and udo's oil for omega3,6and 9 (udo's oil ni baru nak start this month since awal2 hari tu tak boleh telan.. ehe)

My mood
My lazyness is sooo obvious! Seriously.... Malas nak masak, kemas rumah...laying on the bed lepak2 tgk ipad n reading is the best. Even tgk tv pun malas! Haha! But some time, out of the blue... Suddenly i would feel overly rajin... Mcm masak bersungguh2 (my early pregnancy i was like giler buat lamb stew), or kemas dapur n bilik giler2.. the mood suddenly came... But remember...happen once in a bloom moon jek ye...hahahaha

Other than that... Not much difference... So, just to share  my recent ultrasound photo showing that In Sha Allah its a BOYYYY :)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

She is going to Schoooooolll :)

Daania's officially entering kindergarten this year! It is an islamic montessori kindy named Tadika Sri Comel Manja, the same owner of her previous taska...only that it is an upgraded version for a 4 to 6 year old kids.. Even though to me daania's still 3 years old ( her birthday is in august ), i do feel its the right time for her and its just too cute seeing her getting ready for school ( i mean at 645 am me or hubby will bath her while her eyes are still shut...hahaha, and her normal ayat will be, ' tak nak mandi banyak2' or ' school tutup ' ) ahahaha, kids now days. But once she had her bath, everything went smoothly.. She'll eat her breakfast and sempat tgk tv while the parents pula siap..ehe.

So here....the routine starts for us, awal2 mmg kalut, but after couple of weeks....we re ok. Ni baru sorang kan, kalau ramai2 berderet cam na? Hehe... But Allah maha adil, thats why i never heard parents tak boleh handle theirs kids..i mean jarang la, In Sha Allah akan dipermudahkan

My senior at the office kak wan, advised me... To choose a kindergarten is by selecting what type of primary school you wish to enrol your kid, its like working backwards. I do have a mission to enrol daania to islamic primary school, learning hafazan and arabic language. I believe by doing this she'll excell in her studies. I do have a living proof of that and one of it is me! Hahaha ( cam angkat bakul sendiri plak ) During my primary school i didn't notice the potential till i was in form 4. I entered an arabic school in Kluang since form 1-3, in that school we were asked to do hafazan for the selected surahs and memorize our kitab which everything was in arab. Sometimes i didn't understand at all and just memorise it for the exam sake, but through the years i started to understand arabic language and i even can write essays and speak in arabic ( simple one.... But cool huh ) . Basically we studied 23 subjects. Than i entered a normal islamic school (which has only 1 arabic subject ) in form 4, together with my other 2 friends, and surprisingly we performed so well in that school, outshine some of our friends who had straight As in PMR. I didn't stayed up much or study that much as others ( boleh tahan malas la ), but at last i was the best student for science stream in SPM, memang terkejut and tergelak gak. I guess if i did give it a push in my studies, sure dapat 10 A1.. Haha (poyo jek)

So thats my reason.. For me through hafazan and memorizing the quran, it trains our brain to be sharp and fast learner :)

Ok, back to my Daania :) How time flies isn't it.. Sometimes it hit me looking at my daania. She's all grown up :') and sometimes acts really matured. And one of it she loves wearing hijab.... Kdg2 nak kluar jalan, she'll ask for it... And kdg2 if she didnt asked for it masa nak keluar, she'll ask when she remembered. Kids really learn from what they see and listen. So simple... sometimes she would wear up to few hours and sometimes just a few minutes, fine to me, at least it's a good start :D

Sooo ibunye pun suke jek and kdg2 hover jugak la, tu yg siap bershopping online tudung for kids because its hard to find syria scarf for kids out there.. Hehe. Luckily ive found a fb page sells cute custome made syria scarf for kids!! Suke!!

 To my daughter Daania, ibu doakan you'll have this quality till the end, doing good, tutup aurat, solat.... And all things nice lah! Ehe :D

ready to school in her uniform (teringat uniform ibu jadi pengawas masa sekolah rendah dulu) :)
ni saje tukar style lilit2 ikut style ibu
our Aidilfitri 2012 family potrait
love this pics
daania and her cousing alya. Alya kalau pakai tudung terus macam anak org bosnia.. so cute!

this was during celebrating Amer and Adik's birthday (dah macam b'day daania plak) :D