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Saturday, January 19, 2013

This Pregnancy

In the mood of sharing my experience during this pregnancy. As you may know there were complications during my first 12 weeks, but Alhamdulillah everything is fine after the surgery... The nauseness at night, was gradually decreasing through out the months.

At this very moment , im already half way through..24+weeks lorr. This time mmg rase sgt cepat.. Tup tup dah 24weeks, and sometimes i do lost track..mengharap during my monthly checkup with my gynea..hehe. Since after the surgery everyhting is smooth Alhamdulillah only that some problem with my back. This pregnancy is so much different with my 1st and 2nd one by the way

Weight gain
My weight gain really slow, as for now i only gained 5 kilos..compared dulu..i gained 2 kgs or more each month..haha. Kalau tgk balik my pics masa pregnantkan Daania at 6months agak kebolatan lah. My maternity blouse pun bile nak pakai balik this time rase mcm sgt gabak. But still tak tahulah lepas ni kan...huhu.,was hoping i dont gain that much (so senang nak kurus balik lepas bersalin...Konon!). And even though my weight not gaining that much, my little one is growing mcm johan, Ahamdulillah. My gynea kate the baby is big n panjang ( of cos lah kot yg part panjang tu, sbb ibu n baba die kan panjang..ehe) so my interpretation is, the nutritions that i ate is well received by my baby, even though masa awal2 dulu boleh tahan gak muntah2.... I guess my haemoglobin is just nice this time...hehe.. Boleh tak pakai theory ni :D

Salty food!!! most comfort food of all. No manis2... Or my stomach will feel bloated. Compared mase pregnantkan daania... my confort food was ice cream! There were several times i ate cakes, chocs, candies or sweet drinks.... I did throw up... Haha! Skrg ni okla skit, but still i go for salty food. Tu yg bile checkup suspen juga takut BP naik, but Alhamdulillah normal. I do have issues with my blood preassure since my last pregnancy, even was admitted due to it during my 6months pregnancy at that time. The 2nd one was on high blood medication sebab everytime checkup mesti tinggi. Alhamdulillah, this time until my last checkup, everything's normal. I think our gynea really plays an important role, my gynea Dr Siti Zaleha is such a nice and motherly person to be with and she's the one who took her patients' blood pressure, not her nurses compared to my previous gynea. So being with her i'll feel calm and relax, tu yg BP 2 theory plak :D

This time i choose to try prenatal supplements by Shaklee ( im not an agent by the way) . My last pregnancy, my supplements was purchased separately, ade yg kat gnc, guardian or mane2 pharmacy lah. But this time so malas, thought of purchasing it under one roof, thats where the idea came from actually. I googled it, and Shaklee was it. Alhamdulillah, im serasi with it and In Sha Allah will continue with it during my post natal period :) oo by the way on top of that i do consume virgin coconut oil and udo's oil for omega3,6and 9 (udo's oil ni baru nak start this month since awal2 hari tu tak boleh telan.. ehe)

My mood
My lazyness is sooo obvious! Seriously.... Malas nak masak, kemas rumah...laying on the bed lepak2 tgk ipad n reading is the best. Even tgk tv pun malas! Haha! But some time, out of the blue... Suddenly i would feel overly rajin... Mcm masak bersungguh2 (my early pregnancy i was like giler buat lamb stew), or kemas dapur n bilik giler2.. the mood suddenly came... But remember...happen once in a bloom moon jek ye...hahahaha

Other than that... Not much difference... So, just to share  my recent ultrasound photo showing that In Sha Allah its a BOYYYY :)

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