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Saturday, January 5, 2013

She is going to Schoooooolll :)

Daania's officially entering kindergarten this year! It is an islamic montessori kindy named Tadika Sri Comel Manja, the same owner of her previous taska...only that it is an upgraded version for a 4 to 6 year old kids.. Even though to me daania's still 3 years old ( her birthday is in august ), i do feel its the right time for her and its just too cute seeing her getting ready for school ( i mean at 645 am me or hubby will bath her while her eyes are still shut...hahaha, and her normal ayat will be, ' tak nak mandi banyak2' or ' school tutup ' ) ahahaha, kids now days. But once she had her bath, everything went smoothly.. She'll eat her breakfast and sempat tgk tv while the parents pula siap..ehe.

So here....the routine starts for us, awal2 mmg kalut, but after couple of weeks....we re ok. Ni baru sorang kan, kalau ramai2 berderet cam na? Hehe... But Allah maha adil, thats why i never heard parents tak boleh handle theirs kids..i mean jarang la, In Sha Allah akan dipermudahkan

My senior at the office kak wan, advised me... To choose a kindergarten is by selecting what type of primary school you wish to enrol your kid, its like working backwards. I do have a mission to enrol daania to islamic primary school, learning hafazan and arabic language. I believe by doing this she'll excell in her studies. I do have a living proof of that and one of it is me! Hahaha ( cam angkat bakul sendiri plak ) During my primary school i didn't notice the potential till i was in form 4. I entered an arabic school in Kluang since form 1-3, in that school we were asked to do hafazan for the selected surahs and memorize our kitab which everything was in arab. Sometimes i didn't understand at all and just memorise it for the exam sake, but through the years i started to understand arabic language and i even can write essays and speak in arabic ( simple one.... But cool huh ) . Basically we studied 23 subjects. Than i entered a normal islamic school (which has only 1 arabic subject ) in form 4, together with my other 2 friends, and surprisingly we performed so well in that school, outshine some of our friends who had straight As in PMR. I didn't stayed up much or study that much as others ( boleh tahan malas la ), but at last i was the best student for science stream in SPM, memang terkejut and tergelak gak. I guess if i did give it a push in my studies, sure dapat 10 A1.. Haha (poyo jek)

So thats my reason.. For me through hafazan and memorizing the quran, it trains our brain to be sharp and fast learner :)

Ok, back to my Daania :) How time flies isn't it.. Sometimes it hit me looking at my daania. She's all grown up :') and sometimes acts really matured. And one of it she loves wearing hijab.... Kdg2 nak kluar jalan, she'll ask for it... And kdg2 if she didnt asked for it masa nak keluar, she'll ask when she remembered. Kids really learn from what they see and listen. So simple... sometimes she would wear up to few hours and sometimes just a few minutes, fine to me, at least it's a good start :D

Sooo ibunye pun suke jek and kdg2 hover jugak la, tu yg siap bershopping online tudung for kids because its hard to find syria scarf for kids out there.. Hehe. Luckily ive found a fb page sells cute custome made syria scarf for kids!! Suke!!

 To my daughter Daania, ibu doakan you'll have this quality till the end, doing good, tutup aurat, solat.... And all things nice lah! Ehe :D

ready to school in her uniform (teringat uniform ibu jadi pengawas masa sekolah rendah dulu) :)
ni saje tukar style lilit2 ikut style ibu
our Aidilfitri 2012 family potrait
love this pics
daania and her cousing alya. Alya kalau pakai tudung terus macam anak org bosnia.. so cute!

this was during celebrating Amer and Adik's birthday (dah macam b'day daania plak) :D


  1. Besar dah :)Baguskan ajar anak-anak Quran dari kecil - kagum dengan student aliran agama belajar berbelas2 subjek. Quran mencerahkan hati.

    1. Kan, teringat tgk video ceramah ustaz kazim..die kan suke selit2 lagu hindustan dlm ceramah die, siap ade org tnye byknyer lagu hindustan ustaz hafal... Jawapan die.. " hafiz lah katekan" mmg lawak giler! But its true la kan.. Ehehehe