this blog is inspired from my dad who's a health control freak..:D but in a good way though, who taught us alot in sickness and health. And its time to share it to everyone.. Sharing is Caring :D

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

26th November 2012

Whoopss...its 26th december today, 1 month passed by my 31st birthday. How time flies! I didnt blog about it..huuu. Let me recall back what happened.. daania had chicken pox for the first time, exactly 4 days before my bday ( that did make me so occupied i guess..huhu )

But still, my dearest hubby did celebrate my birthday at Marche, The Curve despite daania wasn't fully recovered (tawakal je la mase tu) n i was still having my morning sickness at that time ( i mean night sickness)  Tq mr hubby...Luv u :)

the budak comot with chicken pox
a simple celebration with my luv ones

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Wish

After a long period of time for being unwell on and off, MCs, ELs, admitted...than MC....what i really need right now is a nice rest lepaking in a descent resort or hotel, away from this bed of mine, in my boring bedroom, in my not so home sweet home ( sbb me is tak larat nak kemas everytime daania buat sepah)... Even every inch of the house is so dusty... Hmm i really need it so bad :(

Lagi-lagi terase when it is holiday season at this very moment, and almost everyone that i knew is either balik kampung or pegi holiday... Aarghh!! ( ok relek isma relek) haiiii...poyo nyer mak buyong sorg ni, is it hormone? Dulu time daania takdepun this feeling.... Mmg ngade2 lah!

So dengan gatalnye search lah hotel dekat2 KL ni at agoda, dapat stay for 1 night pun dah kire best! But sadly most of the hotels that I wish for is above my laaaa, a big sum of money we have to spend on my surgery (my medical card and insurance tak cover because it's related to pregnancy complication.... Haishhh :(. ) So our monthly expenditure mmg dah lari lah. So, terpakse lah redha and korek duit sana sini as long as boleh lah survive. i am, lying on my boring bed in my boring room in my not so home sweet home. At least someone is happy playing FIFA in the living room...

.....mummy, i miss u, how i wish you're here  ( hormone is unstable now) :'(

Friday, November 2, 2012

My First Ever Surgery

Just 2 days ago i went on my first surgery in my life and surprisingly i was calm about it, tp adelah gabra sikit which is normal right. Had my normal checkup on the 30th Oct (13wks already lor!..huhu) and my gynae did ve and vagina swap to check on my cervix condition. As suspected my cervix is thin and she detected multiple polyps present at my cervix which is the cause of my bleeding for all this while. So as adviced i have to undergo surgery to remove the polyps and cerclage as a prevention to bleeding as misscarriage later on

That afternoon i was immediately admitted and straight away on antibiotic. the way for those who never knew what's cervical cerclage is. Cervical cerclage is the placement of stitches in the cervix to hold it close. As in my case, it's used to keep a week cervix (incompetent cervix) from opening early. So there it is... I was scheduled for the surgery on the next day at 830am.

So on the 31st, in the OT.... I kept on looking around laaa jakun lah katekan, first time masuk. Than i was given Spinal injection for the anesthesia. At the first place they planned of letting me sleep over it, but knowing im pregnant and to reduce the risk of miscarriage during i was just given spinal injection which was fine for me... It doesn't hurt much during the injection..Alhamdulillah. While the surgery in progress, im trying hard to sleep because the gave me pil tido before...hopefully that i can sleep and let it be lah! But i couldnt....because it was soooo upper body was shivering until the nurse have to wrap me all over with blankets and cotton. Memang dah jadi cam egyptian mummy lah time tu! Huhu.

The surgery went well... It took half an hour. My gynae showed me the polyps that she had removed and to be send to the lab to reassure the polyps is nothing than just a polyps...InsyaAllah!  During the recovery, i started to feel my feet gradually...but not my middle part untill that night. So i cant move at all...alhamdulillah thanks to my cousin who came and help with my wudhu' for me to perform my solah. After the anesthesia completely gone at around 11pm, i started to feel severely pain and discomfort, surprisingly its not from tpt operate, but from the urinal tube which was attached to me. Poyo jek kan, orang lain pakai tiub tu relek jek, but for me it was soo painfull. Tahan punya tahan at last i requested the nurse to take it off, but sadly after that it was even more painfu !!! I was trying really hard to bear with for several hours and couldnt sleep, and at around 3am i have to ask pain killer from the nurse...haha, than baru boleh tido.. All because of that tube!

Woke up that subuh, everything was ok...just a little discomfort. I was allowed to discharge that afternoon..Alhamdulillah! So as for today, everything went well, no bleeding presents till now...only little pain when urinate. Im on my bedrest and was given MC till next Friday. Hopefully everything went well till the end..InsyaAllah..Amin

Ps.. Thanks for those who visited! My little brothers..achap and amer, Angah, Sally n Syakira. K.wan and k zar, thanks for the sweet nice book. such a good reading for me :) to my cousin...Baby and her friend, my friends from the QS department...diana,, k.fiza n k.intan ( was so surprise korg dtg beramai, siap ade sumbangan plak tu, sangat terharu hokay! u guys are ao thoughtfull). My parents who came all the way from JB..luv u guys... Thanks to k.sitah! My good fren aka my insurance agent ;) thanks for your help.... Last but not least...thanks to my dearest hubby and my lil' daania!!! Thanks for being my personal nurse especially during my recovery period. May Allah bless all of you :D

Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh Daania

Ibu with morning sickness lying on the bed
Daania: ibu...nak susu
Ibu: ibu tak sihat la daania, mintak baba buat
Daania: Baba tgh main game...kesian baba tgh main game, kesian baba nanti tak dapat main game
Ibu: Ibu sakit...kesian ibu
Daania: takpeeee....ibu kuat
........huh...... Ni kes dah kow team ngn baba die nih :p

Lying on the sofa watching tv
Ibu: Daania nanti nak baby boy ke baby girl
Daania: baby girlll ( dgn pantasnye )
Ibu: Daania nak baby girl ke baby boy ( saje tanye balik bcos kids tend to answer based on our 2nd option in the question kan)
Daania: daania nak baby girl...nak colour pink!! colour purple!!
......haish budak ni..... Bajet ade color2 agaknye kluar with the baby...huhu

Daania oh daania..... U r really my sunshine eventhough it's the gloomest day of all

Friday, October 12, 2012

Good & Not So Good News

Confuse ke with my title this time..heee, saje ngade2.. I guess i have to skip my no.2 topic as mentioned in previous post, because i think i have to express this out. I prefer to express it here rather in my facebook page, my blog is like a little world with me in it while facebook is like the whole world is staring at me if i post anything..heeee...ngade2 kan

So funny today when i picked up my daania at her school, and her teacher told me that daania kept on telling her..."ibu ada baby"... Than if her teacher says "eh, ibu radin mane ada baby"..she'll answers back "eh..ada, ibu ada baby dalam perut" ...... Oohh anak ibu sorg ni..haha. So that's the good news, Alhamdulillah, im pregnant at 9 weeks now :)

I discovered i was pregnant couple weeks ago but doesn't have the time to do proper checkup at the hospital. This time im determine to have a muslimah gynea, and did a lot of research, few doctors were in my wish list suggested by family and friends and considering the hospital location into account. At last, ive chosed Dr. Siti Zaleha from Tawakkal KPJ, so last tuesday morning i called her clinic up to set appointment. She's among the patient die mmg ramai giler and i only manage get to meet her on the 9th october. Than, on that same tuesday afternoon i was chilling on my empuk sofa and suddenly feeling the rush to go to he restroom and than it previous nightmare came, i bleed! Dgn gabra n blur juga, i drove by myself to my previous gyne at DDMC without telling my husband till i reached there...i was afraid to go to tawakkal because im not familiar with their procedure. At the end of the day, my baby is ok.. Alhamdulillah! But no heartbeat yet...but its ok as the doc mentioned. He advice me to be extra carefull this time since that i have miscarriage history 6 months ago

That was last week, so this week on the 9th, ive met Dr. Siti for the first time. Such a nice, muslimah and motherly lady. I was so relax during the consultation.. ive told her everything since my last pregnancy till what happened last week. New inputs and motivation words were given and she suggested a procedure need to be done to be on the safe side since i had a miscarrieged during my 2nd trimester which she suspected my cervix is incompetence. She did and ultrasound, and there was the heartbeat...i was so blessed listening to it. She too told me to be extra carefull, jgn naik turun tangga sangat, drive , jgn stress, dont think too much of the bleeding during this first trimester. I was adviced to meet her again on the 12th weeks to check on my cervix condition.. Oh Allah, hopefully everything is normal.

At this moment, my challange is to drive pegi balik ofis hantar daania to taska which needs a lot of kudrat on my lower part of my body especially during traffic jams or daania tak nak bangun and i have to carry her to the car... Hey! Doc tak bagi buat semua ni lah!! But i have to...thanks to the 'brilliant' people in my department who posted my husband to Putrajaya! Among all those people who's been promoted, mr hubby i juga yang dia nak hantar ke sana... Such a bad timing with my current condition!! Oohh Allah, do ease my burden. Im actually tak kesah pun drive sendiri semua...but its just my health condition, kadang2 tengah drive pun pening2 and naussea...huuuu :( So my only way now is driving late to the office to skip all those hassle traffic jam, nak buat camner not taking any chances this time.. The first time i drove to the office which was that tuesday that i bleed, and also 2 days back.... I bleed again.. Alhamdulillah today im ok despite facing the traffic jam for almost 2 1/2 hours. Now once i reached home i'll be so tired, and daania pun sure mengamuk sebab i x layan dia, baba dia pun penat sebab naik motor all the way from putrajaya... So to sum up, now im totally exhausted, flat and stressfull and really need to sleep...only that my daania wont allow me to do so.....sighhh.

Ok ok, x moh stress stress. Im hoping to have a blessfull pregnancy this time and dipermudahkan segalanya. Hope everything goes well.....insyaAllah..amin!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Update please!!!

Isma...pls update your blog!!

Ok ok..alot of things happen since my last update...( of cos la kan!! Berkurun tak update, mestilah ade mcm2 citer ) .haishhh... Kene citer plahan2 and satu persatu :)

1. what happen to my spine?
Still recovering, at last i didnt went to any chiropractor. As suggested by my dad, i went for Scenar Cosmodic treatment  by efloresens bio therapy at Shah Alam. It was great! I can obviously feel the difference since the first treatment at a very affordable cost. It uses a device almost the size of a mobile phone with super canggih button on it, and the therapist will tap it on ur back according to the invisible grid that they have pre set on their report sheet. Than you'll feel vibration sensation on each of the tap and that's actually is the therapy. actually explain it in the most un medical way......haha. But how it actually work is actually this... Sila lah baca ye! Wajib!

First of all, SCENAR and COSMODIC action is focused on normalization of the disordered functions of the body. The main objective here is providing harmony and stimulating the defensive forces and latent reserves of the body. In fact, it is not the device that treats your diseases, but your own body. It only helps the body to remember how the healthy organs should work and recover.
Skin is known to be able to regulate various physiological functions of the body. Ancient doctors could manage pain and cramps, increase or decrease metabolism, accelerate or slow down the heart rhythm through irritation of various reflex areas on the skin.
The skin integuments can sense detailed information about all processes occurring in the internal organs. If you can process such information, you will have a clear picture of the state of the body. Skin can receive external information and react to irritation through mechanical action (e. g. acupuncture, massage), exposure to heat, electric current, magnetic field, biological field, laser or ultrasound. Skin can receive such information in the form of electric, optic, thermal, chemical, magnetic, mechanical and other signals, then process them and send them in encoded form to the regulating systems of the body.
Skin is interconnected with internal organs and systems of the body. Therefore, any malfunctions occurring in the organs or systems of the body also influence the skin condition. So the skin carries information about the condition of the sick organs or malfunctions of the body systems. We can influence the sick organs and malfunctions in the body from the outside through the skin, while acting upon the certain skin areas.
It is a known fact that the electrical conduction, capacity, temperature and sensitivity of the skin change when something is going wrong in the body.
Depending on the areas being irritated, body reactions upon the irritation are different. This happens because our nervous system can adjust the body functioning to the present environment the body lives in. The skin areas manifesting increased physiological activity are used for action during treatment of diseases with SCENAR-therapy.
SCENAR-COSMODIC, model EX735AgSCENAR and COSMODIC devices act upon the body with short-pulse low-frequency signals when the electrodes contact skin. Parameters of the acting signal are set automatically according to the biological feedbacks. In other words, when the electrodes touch the skin, the device receives information about the body’s state. Depending on the condition of the body the device forms and sends neuro-like impulses to the body. These impulses carry information necessary for normal functioning of the body organ or system.
So..that's it, but the essential part is you have to do the therapy as frequent as it requires until the reading is perfect...and after that just continue with it as your personal medical therapist. But the problem for me issssss, i kept missing my appointments due to my konon busy schedule...haishh.. So for now my spine is still hurt, but not that much as 5 months ago

Ok..for no 2 update will be.....Welcoming Our New Mum :) which will update later. penat dah :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I need a chiropractor...i think

Last week i had a chat with a senior at the office, kak wan.. and termasuklah cerita my lower back is still pain since my last pregnancy. And dengan pantasnya she advised me to meet a chiropractor rather than doing massages. I cant sit for a long time no matter where i am, in the office, at home or in the car... so don't blame me for not being at my table all the time, i terpakse okay :D

Last weekend we travelled to Singapore to visit Universal Studio, half way down my pain was so severe for sitting for too long, no space to stretched my leg and body plus having a 12kg toddler on my lap. I asked my husband to stop and exchanged with i drove all the way down to JB and back to KL with lean to front position (still cant bersandar because it felt like the load of my upper body compressing my lower back). How complicated right? And now my lower back is getting worse. At this moment too my crafty jobs is getting slower due to the pain.... Oh how frustrating!

 So after googled this one particular chiropractor as suggested by kak wan, i think i should make an appoinment. See how it goes ;) By the way at this very moment im updating my blogs while lying on my bed via the new ipad..haha!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Our 1st hardcopy album

Having a husband as a photographer doesnt mean you'll have the luxury of having series of printed album from zillions of photos taken stored in the hardisk. So one day (it was last year by the way), came across a discount page Milkadeal which offered 50% disc for a photo book fromPixajoy.. wut wuutt! Didn't think much and bought it!

It was a simple and fun application, i managed to finished up 2 albums in approximately 3 days (kalah team photography my hubby).hehehe. Ooo, i bought 2 albums by the way and decided to do a 1-2years old album for our Daania and our honeymoon @bali album :D

cool kan... and of course convenient, the finished album you just upload it to their server and the printed one will be courier to... Walla!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

25th & 27th March

25th March : Papa's birthday
27th March : Mummy's birthday

Received a call from my dad last Sunday during my afternoon nap...the 1st sentence was "Nana tak wish papa birthday ek?" .....and i was like..alamak!! plus lalo' nak catchup what day that day was... and i said "Nana ingatttt...cuma tak sempat wish jek" (huhuhu..adoyai) But its true! i remembered on the 24th that tomorrow is my dad's birthday, but on 24th night kebetulan my husband siblings came overnight at our place and the next morning sibuk siap2kan their breakfast (which was beli aja) plus a little headache since Saturday.....i forgot to wish my dad's birthday :(

During our phone conversation, after daania sang a very brief birthday song (sebab sibuk nak main dengan cousin die) suddenly there was a long silence and i can hear my dad cries. He told me that he misses my mom alot significantly that day because they used to celebrate their birthdays together :'( 25th & 27th March, arent my parents lucky to have close birthdays.

So to cheer up my dad, i recorded a video of Daania singing Happy Birthday Tok Pa (plus ibu as suara latar..haha) and emailed to him. This was our 2nd attempt due to daania couldnt stop her hiccup during the first recording..hehe

tak sabar2 nak sebut tokpa.. :D

Today is 27th....Happy 61st birthday my beloved mummy , AL-FATIHAH

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dear hormone

Dear my leftover pregnancy hormone.... Im not pregnant anymore. Please go away so that i can have a good night sleep. Its 4 am my dear :/ im working tomorrow!

Yours sincerely,

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jom meng'occupied'kan diri

This is a lagho entry by the way :D Guess what happened during my 2 weeks MC? i tried to make myself occupied by doing...... jeng jeng jeng....... online shopping n live shopping !!! ahaha, hampeh jek kan. but most of it window shopping aka cuci mata jek sbb everytime ape yang i nak dah abis sad!

Some of the stuffs that i eyed for was the jubahs by rana aswad at her fb....oohh, luv the simple modern design and the price is reasonable. I orded for this Rana Adriya, but takde rezeki dah takde stok.. uwaaaa

soo my color..hehe, i wonder if i wear it same cantik as the model

Than eyed for a denim scarf from Qaira Hijab.. a simple cut scarf for my everyday usage...pegi kedai ke, pegi checkup ke... sarung aja... too lazy to lilit2 now days kalau nak pegi dekat2 or skjp2 jek..oo this time ade stok. Yey! the quality is great and i love it

cun kan...the model pun cun

Next...a long blouse by Anne Kelly at Sogo. The most expensive blouse i ever had, the pattern and fabric is almost the same as the famous zleqha brand ( How i wish to visit zleqha one day) but looking at the price in her online store..mak datok!!! kopak makcik.

this is the anne kelly long blouse. smart kan. me and my daania catwalking while staying at Sterling Hotel@Malacca

Next lagi...bought few dresses n blouses for my lil Daania at reject shop. The dress on the top photo is one of it. murah2 aja and design pun cun. Never under estimate reject shop okay!!

Ooo...lastly i did receive my clarks shoes that i ordered thru a fren who was studing at UK, am so happy because it perfectly fit and the best part is...way more cheaper than malaysia ones even including shipping. But the trick is to pick the discount one lah! heee

originally i ordered 3 actually, but the third one takde stok... i may say the total of this 2 shoes pun even cheaper than the original price of the bottom one (azzure blossom) in Malaysia.

Now im totally understand why SHOPPING IS A THERAPY :D