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Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh Daania

Ibu with morning sickness lying on the bed
Daania: ibu...nak susu
Ibu: ibu tak sihat la daania, mintak baba buat
Daania: Baba tgh main game...kesian baba tgh main game, kesian baba nanti tak dapat main game
Ibu: Ibu sakit...kesian ibu
Daania: takpeeee....ibu kuat
........huh...... Ni kes dah kow team ngn baba die nih :p

Lying on the sofa watching tv
Ibu: Daania nanti nak baby boy ke baby girl
Daania: baby girlll ( dgn pantasnye )
Ibu: Daania nak baby girl ke baby boy ( saje tanye balik bcos kids tend to answer based on our 2nd option in the question kan)
Daania: daania nak baby girl...nak colour pink!! colour purple!!
......haish budak ni..... Bajet ade color2 agaknye kluar with the baby...huhu

Daania oh daania..... U r really my sunshine eventhough it's the gloomest day of all

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