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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Update please!!!

Isma...pls update your blog!!

Ok ok..alot of things happen since my last update...( of cos la kan!! Berkurun tak update, mestilah ade mcm2 citer ) .haishhh... Kene citer plahan2 and satu persatu :)

1. what happen to my spine?
Still recovering, at last i didnt went to any chiropractor. As suggested by my dad, i went for Scenar Cosmodic treatment  by efloresens bio therapy at Shah Alam. It was great! I can obviously feel the difference since the first treatment at a very affordable cost. It uses a device almost the size of a mobile phone with super canggih button on it, and the therapist will tap it on ur back according to the invisible grid that they have pre set on their report sheet. Than you'll feel vibration sensation on each of the tap and that's actually is the therapy. actually explain it in the most un medical way......haha. But how it actually work is actually this... Sila lah baca ye! Wajib!

First of all, SCENAR and COSMODIC action is focused on normalization of the disordered functions of the body. The main objective here is providing harmony and stimulating the defensive forces and latent reserves of the body. In fact, it is not the device that treats your diseases, but your own body. It only helps the body to remember how the healthy organs should work and recover.
Skin is known to be able to regulate various physiological functions of the body. Ancient doctors could manage pain and cramps, increase or decrease metabolism, accelerate or slow down the heart rhythm through irritation of various reflex areas on the skin.
The skin integuments can sense detailed information about all processes occurring in the internal organs. If you can process such information, you will have a clear picture of the state of the body. Skin can receive external information and react to irritation through mechanical action (e. g. acupuncture, massage), exposure to heat, electric current, magnetic field, biological field, laser or ultrasound. Skin can receive such information in the form of electric, optic, thermal, chemical, magnetic, mechanical and other signals, then process them and send them in encoded form to the regulating systems of the body.
Skin is interconnected with internal organs and systems of the body. Therefore, any malfunctions occurring in the organs or systems of the body also influence the skin condition. So the skin carries information about the condition of the sick organs or malfunctions of the body systems. We can influence the sick organs and malfunctions in the body from the outside through the skin, while acting upon the certain skin areas.
It is a known fact that the electrical conduction, capacity, temperature and sensitivity of the skin change when something is going wrong in the body.
Depending on the areas being irritated, body reactions upon the irritation are different. This happens because our nervous system can adjust the body functioning to the present environment the body lives in. The skin areas manifesting increased physiological activity are used for action during treatment of diseases with SCENAR-therapy.
SCENAR-COSMODIC, model EX735AgSCENAR and COSMODIC devices act upon the body with short-pulse low-frequency signals when the electrodes contact skin. Parameters of the acting signal are set automatically according to the biological feedbacks. In other words, when the electrodes touch the skin, the device receives information about the body’s state. Depending on the condition of the body the device forms and sends neuro-like impulses to the body. These impulses carry information necessary for normal functioning of the body organ or system.
So..that's it, but the essential part is you have to do the therapy as frequent as it requires until the reading is perfect...and after that just continue with it as your personal medical therapist. But the problem for me issssss, i kept missing my appointments due to my konon busy schedule...haishh.. So for now my spine is still hurt, but not that much as 5 months ago

Ok..for no 2 update will be.....Welcoming Our New Mum :) which will update later. penat dah :)

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  1. nnnti balik msia nak try la hari tu nak tanya papa sempat. abg azrey pun ada spine problem.