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Sunday, April 22, 2012

I need a chiropractor...i think

Last week i had a chat with a senior at the office, kak wan.. and termasuklah cerita my lower back is still pain since my last pregnancy. And dengan pantasnya she advised me to meet a chiropractor rather than doing massages. I cant sit for a long time no matter where i am, in the office, at home or in the car... so don't blame me for not being at my table all the time, i terpakse okay :D

Last weekend we travelled to Singapore to visit Universal Studio, half way down my pain was so severe for sitting for too long, no space to stretched my leg and body plus having a 12kg toddler on my lap. I asked my husband to stop and exchanged with i drove all the way down to JB and back to KL with lean to front position (still cant bersandar because it felt like the load of my upper body compressing my lower back). How complicated right? And now my lower back is getting worse. At this moment too my crafty jobs is getting slower due to the pain.... Oh how frustrating!

 So after googled this one particular chiropractor as suggested by kak wan, i think i should make an appoinment. See how it goes ;) By the way at this very moment im updating my blogs while lying on my bed via the new ipad..haha!


  1. bole try consultation dulu. me & abg azrey dulu ada follow the chiropractic program about 1 year +. Mmg bole nampak improvement... sendiri rasa & thru the x-ray. But mmg kena ada high discipline utk buat "homework". After 4 months treatment pun dah nampak improvement

  2. k na.. at last tukar plan, papa recommend buat SCENAR under Efloresens bio therapy, member papa kat shah alam punye, 1 of the visiting doc kat impian emas

    treatment stgh jam jek, die pakai tools die...and lepas tu.. terus ilang sakit, nana pun cam tak caya..isk, kagum smpi skrg..haha, ade la sakit lame tu still ada sikit, atleast dah boleh duduk dalam kereta. Lpas ni nak follow up treatment lagi...mmg highly recommended to all! treatment ni untuk general health jugak..cume die treat kat spine jek.