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Monday, April 16, 2012

Our 1st hardcopy album

Having a husband as a photographer doesnt mean you'll have the luxury of having series of printed album from zillions of photos taken stored in the hardisk. So one day (it was last year by the way), came across a discount page Milkadeal which offered 50% disc for a photo book fromPixajoy.. wut wuutt! Didn't think much and bought it!

It was a simple and fun application, i managed to finished up 2 albums in approximately 3 days (kalah team photography my hubby).hehehe. Ooo, i bought 2 albums by the way and decided to do a 1-2years old album for our Daania and our honeymoon @bali album :D

cool kan... and of course convenient, the finished album you just upload it to their server and the printed one will be courier to... Walla!


  1. congratulation isem! bukan senang keluarga fotografer nak bikin album sendiri! haha!!
    adakah ini namanya sumpahan kenan fotografer?
    wedding aku pun takda album.,.. ceh.

  2. k Na: suke gak!
    che rus:haha! seriusly namanye sumpahan kenan fotografer. tp overlah tu smpi wedding sndiri pun takde, wedding aku belah aku jek lah ade album, belah radin takde..hehehe.