this blog is inspired from my dad who's a health control freak..:D but in a good way though, who taught us alot in sickness and health. And its time to share it to everyone.. Sharing is Caring :D

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

25th & 27th March

25th March : Papa's birthday
27th March : Mummy's birthday

Received a call from my dad last Sunday during my afternoon nap...the 1st sentence was "Nana tak wish papa birthday ek?" .....and i was like..alamak!! plus lalo' nak catchup what day that day was... and i said "Nana ingatttt...cuma tak sempat wish jek" (huhuhu..adoyai) But its true! i remembered on the 24th that tomorrow is my dad's birthday, but on 24th night kebetulan my husband siblings came overnight at our place and the next morning sibuk siap2kan their breakfast (which was beli aja) plus a little headache since Saturday.....i forgot to wish my dad's birthday :(

During our phone conversation, after daania sang a very brief birthday song (sebab sibuk nak main dengan cousin die) suddenly there was a long silence and i can hear my dad cries. He told me that he misses my mom alot significantly that day because they used to celebrate their birthdays together :'( 25th & 27th March, arent my parents lucky to have close birthdays.

So to cheer up my dad, i recorded a video of Daania singing Happy Birthday Tok Pa (plus ibu as suara latar..haha) and emailed to him. This was our 2nd attempt due to daania couldnt stop her hiccup during the first recording..hehe

tak sabar2 nak sebut tokpa.. :D

Today is 27th....Happy 61st birthday my beloved mummy , AL-FATIHAH


  1. :( arwah mak n ayah kna pun bday dkt2... 16/3 & 21/3. Kna ada sms papa to wish him happy birthday aritu. N bila baca his reply... Rasa sayu n nak nangis. Papa mentioned that ni first time he celebrate without love ones. Sedih tau. Then i dont know what to reply. Al-Fatihah utk arwah mami... She is always in my mind too

  2. Time papa nangis tu nana pun nangis sama.. Sedih sgt, n x tahu nk ckp ape to comfort him.. Huuu. Tnx kna for always remember my parents. Evnthough kite jrg sgt jumpe , kna is like a sister to me :) me too always ingt arwah mak kna, among my fav teacher :) AlFatihah

  3. alololo kiutnya video...
    sedih la baca ttg your dad. True lovers indeed.