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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jom meng'occupied'kan diri

This is a lagho entry by the way :D Guess what happened during my 2 weeks MC? i tried to make myself occupied by doing...... jeng jeng jeng....... online shopping n live shopping !!! ahaha, hampeh jek kan. but most of it window shopping aka cuci mata jek sbb everytime ape yang i nak dah abis sad!

Some of the stuffs that i eyed for was the jubahs by rana aswad at her fb....oohh, luv the simple modern design and the price is reasonable. I orded for this Rana Adriya, but takde rezeki dah takde stok.. uwaaaa

soo my color..hehe, i wonder if i wear it same cantik as the model

Than eyed for a denim scarf from Qaira Hijab.. a simple cut scarf for my everyday usage...pegi kedai ke, pegi checkup ke... sarung aja... too lazy to lilit2 now days kalau nak pegi dekat2 or skjp2 jek..oo this time ade stok. Yey! the quality is great and i love it

cun kan...the model pun cun

Next...a long blouse by Anne Kelly at Sogo. The most expensive blouse i ever had, the pattern and fabric is almost the same as the famous zleqha brand ( How i wish to visit zleqha one day) but looking at the price in her online store..mak datok!!! kopak makcik.

this is the anne kelly long blouse. smart kan. me and my daania catwalking while staying at Sterling Hotel@Malacca

Next lagi...bought few dresses n blouses for my lil Daania at reject shop. The dress on the top photo is one of it. murah2 aja and design pun cun. Never under estimate reject shop okay!!

Ooo...lastly i did receive my clarks shoes that i ordered thru a fren who was studing at UK, am so happy because it perfectly fit and the best part is...way more cheaper than malaysia ones even including shipping. But the trick is to pick the discount one lah! heee

originally i ordered 3 actually, but the third one takde stok... i may say the total of this 2 shoes pun even cheaper than the original price of the bottom one (azzure blossom) in Malaysia.

Now im totally understand why SHOPPING IS A THERAPY :D


  1. U know what,Anne Kelly blouse also the most expensive blouse i ever had...hahahahahaha