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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Wish

After a long period of time for being unwell on and off, MCs, ELs, admitted...than MC....what i really need right now is a nice rest lepaking in a descent resort or hotel, away from this bed of mine, in my boring bedroom, in my not so home sweet home ( sbb me is tak larat nak kemas everytime daania buat sepah)... Even every inch of the house is so dusty... Hmm i really need it so bad :(

Lagi-lagi terase when it is holiday season at this very moment, and almost everyone that i knew is either balik kampung or pegi holiday... Aarghh!! ( ok relek isma relek) haiiii...poyo nyer mak buyong sorg ni, is it hormone? Dulu time daania takdepun this feeling.... Mmg ngade2 lah!

So dengan gatalnye search lah hotel dekat2 KL ni at agoda, dapat stay for 1 night pun dah kire best! But sadly most of the hotels that I wish for is above my laaaa, a big sum of money we have to spend on my surgery (my medical card and insurance tak cover because it's related to pregnancy complication.... Haishhh :(. ) So our monthly expenditure mmg dah lari lah. So, terpakse lah redha and korek duit sana sini as long as boleh lah survive. i am, lying on my boring bed in my boring room in my not so home sweet home. At least someone is happy playing FIFA in the living room...

.....mummy, i miss u, how i wish you're here  ( hormone is unstable now) :'(

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