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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Qaed turns 1!!

Agak lame sangat (nak sebut giler tapi selalu kene sound ngan Daania..huhu) tak hupdate la kan. So on the 19th April was Qaed's first birthday!! Ya Ampunnn..pantasnya masa berlaluuuu :D Me and hubby was like..nak celebrate 4beranak je ke or nak buat makan2 sikit...pikir punya pikir kitorg buat mini celebration je with my parents, and inlaws. Just a very simple party for Qaed so that bila die tgk album die nanti..hehe. Tak lah kluar dialog "Apsal kakak daania banyak gambar, ada celebrate birthday..Qaed xde????" (That was me la kan mase kecik, adik beradik semue byk gambar and celebrate birthday party, me alone je xde..sadd..haha :P)

So here are just some simple diy birthday props. No theme actually, just simply a nice cute props that i could think of for our cute lil Qaed ☺️

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