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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Supplement PART 2

At last, managed to post this entry due to my hectic schedule at the office...As promised, here are the lists

from left: virgin coconut oil (VCO), multivatimin, colostrum

The above pics are daania's basic daily supplements

Virgin coconut oil (below & above 1 yr old)

The beneficial is tremendous, u can just google it. Among it and the reason why my dad recommended it was

"The main component in breast milk that helped babies stay strong and free from diseases is the Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs), especially Lauric Acid. Outside mother's breast milk, Lauric Acid is the primary saturated fatty acids found in Virgin Coconut Oil. The MCFAs in both breast milk and coconut oil improves nutrient absorption, aid digestive function, and protect baby from harmful microorganisms"

I read in a magazine, it says that VCO can also totally cure kids under 2yrs old with pnuemonia.. how cool huh. Now days, VCOs are getting more popular and some you can buy it in stores. Basically the basic guideline in looking for VCO is it should be cristal clear liquid and high content of Lauric Acid.

So how to apply? When im not sending daania to nursery, i'll just pump twice into her milk everytime she drinks. But during working days & since that all these supplements i didnt leave it at the nursery (cus pernah hilang.. :( ) so i just give it to her early morning & once at home & pump 3-5 times , sometimes even direct in her mouth & she love it.

Multivitamin (above 1 yr old)

This multivitamin contents all the basic vitamins and minerals a growing kids should have. My dad recommended it when daania entered 1 yr old. At first she reluctant to have it due to its sourly taste, but berkat kesabaran ibu die ( + paksa daania minum...hehe) now she even asked for more. As instructed for daania age 5ml twice a day with meal. But for weekdays, i just managed to give her once a day because we have to send her to the nursery early morning.

Colostrum (above 1 yr old)

As everyone knows colostrum is the early milk . It provides nature’s ultimate formula for enhancing your child’s health, vitality, immune and digestive strength. Its a chewable tablet, as a start you may just crushed it first before giving it to your kids. The one that i bought has a fruity flavour and kids will really love it. Since that its so handy, i just simply give to daania while on the way to her nursery.. walla!


there goes my daania basic supplements.. simple jek kan.. trust me. Maybe some may think, anak dia ni makan bende2 ni sihat giler ke? To be frank, kids are vulnerable.. so does my daughter (lagi la bila dah duduk nursery and suke kutip masuk mulut apa dia nak), so for sure sometimes she'll have flu, coughing and fever (type AB blood baby are prone to cold... so mmg senang lah kene selsema budak kecik nih) . So when there's any sign of flu, cough or fever is getting her, i'll topup with these supplements below just to boost her antibody

This one i bought it after reading Mamibaby magazine. (ni my dad tak specifically recommend, i beli sendiri..huhu) Its a probiotic powder with vanilla flavour. You can google for the benefit. Since that daania is still little, she directly consume the powder from the sachet (its an option as instructed) But if your kids is old enough, its easy to just dissolve it in cold water

from left: Vitamin C (senget palk btol ni i susun..huhu), Q Gummy , Vitamin AD

The vitamin C & Q Gummy is for when daania's having running nose (remember to buy natural based supplement) If you noticed at the Q Gummy bottle cover stated with Cordycep. Cordycep is actually a type of mushroom to boost your immune system ( as mentioned by my dad, sorry tak sempat to goggle for it)
Lastly the far right is the Vitamin AD, used if daania have a cough and fever (adult pun boleh makan bila demam) Its a tablet and can be dissolved in water, so i just add 1 tablet in her milk if she's having fever. My dad did mention vitamin AD is good when you're having coughing with flam and good for kids with bronchitis & pnuemonia. If you notice, these vitamins is basically already can be found in daania's Multivitamin, so actually, it's only used if she's having any fever symptoms.

For your guys info, my daughter totally LOVE all the supplements (dia ingat snack agaknya) and even i have to hide the chewable tablets so that she wont ask for more..huhu


  1. bestla baca info2 nih...haruslah disebar-sebarkan kepada cousin2 yg ada baby.

  2. Kak tipah, napo tak nyatakan kedai mana boleh beli? masih tak sempat pergi beli w/pun dh lama sms supplement yg boleh dhiya ambil..hehe

  3. gee: harus harus, td papa dtg pun ade belikan daania organic choc utk bancuh ngn susu, menarik btol lah

    k.melah: as kite discuss td on d phone lah, yang lain2
    VCO tu direct dr dstributor (dh belikan utk dhiya...hehe..tggu zaki balik lah)
    multivitamin beli kat organic store kat jb..hehe, kat kl x survey lg
    vitamin c100 kat cosway
    vitamin AD kat ampang hilir (CTA wellness- supplier most of d supplement klinik ayah)

  4. isma...VCO tuh direct beli kat ane????pastu...colestru tuh brand ape yah??mane mau dpt???

  5. balkish, VCO kat kedai susah nk jumpe yang premium accept kat certain organic shop, so kitorg beli direct dari supplier. kitorg boleh tlg belikan n parcel to u :)
    colustrum to brand pureen, ade jual kat gurdian :)

  6. i dh beli VCO tu..rasa best jek..naufal pun ok je telan..hahaha....

  7. owhh yakah..berape hengget dia punyer tuh..mau tau juge=)

    thanxs yah isma!!!

  8. aisyah makan transfer factor since 9 month ...very good..for IQ, physical and body imune. cuba search about transfer factor dalam internet

  9. asna: hehe.. testimonial ek.. tq tq
    balkish: kite pm kat ur fb for detail later k, sbb plan nak memborong beli bwk balik jb this dec, so tgh survey org2 jb sape nak kirim
    nisa: oo tahu, ade gak pakai brand tu untuk kitorg sndiri, yg digestive enzyme, mmg ok

  10. yunk2...thanks yah....mau bg tau same hubby kuh dulu...apepon nnti kite roger yah....