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Sunday, November 28, 2010

hepi b'day to me :)

Hepi bday to me on the 26th Nov :) hepi bday to Pak Lah too not to forget...hehe. This year we decided to celebrate it on the 27th cuz im just to exhausted on my birthday due to my hectic schedule at the office and outstations... phewwh. I personally declared holiday for myself on my birthday by having a long nice uninterrupted sleep at home...hahaha, y uninterrupted? bcos my hp was flushed down the toilet during my outstation the day b4 that... what a tragic on my bday eve..isk isk

Anyway, on saturday we had our family outing started at 12noon. At first we went to my boss' son's wedding at KL (no pics here, radin forgot to snap) Than around 330 we shoot off to midvalley for the Baby & parents expo. Such a hectic event... went there to cuci mata jek (eventhough dalam kepala nak belikan daania new car seat..huhu). Than dah pening sgt ramai sgt org we went to One Utama for dinner

us at the expo entrance (time ni nak balik dah without any catch :( )
Than having dinner at Garden. Such a nice place to dine in... the food was great , Daania keep on eating non stop too (budak kecik ni mmg pelahap)...hahahaha

daania sibuk nak pegang pokok

daania with her funny face.. she was trying to get down on the floor actually

radin's catch.. carbonara

this is mine... the sauce was delicious
there were smoke salmon salad that we ordered n it was nyummy, too nyummy smpi lupa nak amik gambar...hehe

lastly, tnx to Baba for the treats..... and also for the bday present.. my long favourite purse a hallolulu (u should look at my old purse.haha, nazak dah). tnx dear... luv u alot!!