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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Our VCO is in NSTP

Remember the VCO pics that i posted in my previous post about Daania's supplement? well last Wednesday evening, radin called me from his site mentioning our VCO (Timeless) is in NSTP featuring article on it & the founder (Datin Fauziah Abdul Aziz --- cam adik beradik plak ngn i, huhu). Despite the heavy rain at tht moment, i did ran to the next building of my office to buy the paper, luckily there were 2 pieces left.. huhu.

1 whole page coverage on NSTP,wednesday dec 8th

close up on the write up

For those who'r unfamiliar with VCO should read this full article... and guess what... after all this while searching for the best VCO, personally i think Timeless has it for its highest content of Lauric Acid and many other things, and the best part is.. it has IMP (Islamic Manufacuring Practise) and 100% organic... wow! Im just overwhelmed :D
Previous entry i did mention focused only for daania. So for a better, fast & clear review i listed down the benefit of VCO for all ages & people (which is some new for me especially for nursing mummy! cus for all this while i keep on focusing on my child).
aids to boost your baby's immune system due to high content of MCFAs
Nursing Mummy
increase the level of MCFAs in their milk, passing important nutrients in the milk to your baby
To maintin trim /slim / overweight
increase metabolism (to be compliment with daily exercise & healthy diet)
Feeling lack of energy?
the MCTs in VCO is digested immediately to produce energy and stimulate metabolism , usually athlete consume it to improve their training. this is totally real cus since my husband consume VCO, he doesnt need to sleep everytime we travel back to JB nor i have to drive half way down.. yippie!
rich in anti oxidant.. im totally have to consistently consume this..hehe!
poor digestion? weak immune system? my dad did mentioned the best bowel movement for a healthy person is only once a day! the most is twice (not applicable to newborn babies)... but if more or less than that there's problem in your digestion. the MCFAs in VCO are easily absorb & digested n helps to ease bowel disease too. So when you're having good digestion, it will also strength your immune system. walla!
this is just partial of it, but for me it really helps to maintain our general health being.
allright than... at this moment im thinking of posting supplement for adult plak as recommended by my dad. c yah!


  1. try cr yg kolestrum tuh cam tak jumpe la....=(

    tang vco tuh nnti kite roger2 yah....

    supplement utk org tua...ahaaa...mau tau juge....=)

  2. x jumpe ke, selama ni beli kat guardian jek, rase kene cari kat pharmacy lain plak kot

    tang vco tu no prob.

    tu la part suppelement utk org tua nk kene post gak as a reminder utk diri sndiri gak sbrnye..huhu

  3. lain ejaan je..Aziz Vs Azis..ok la tu.
    Mak aku buat VCO sndiri.uhuk2!
    Masak santan smpi keluar minyaknya..lagi virgin gitu.
    Tpi anak dia yg mls nk consume bnda2 berkhasiat.Pity her~
    I might try later..

  4. haha... , tahu, hr tu aunty elis ade mention gak mase die nmpk aku campurkan vco dlm susu daania time kat umah.Tp kalo masak dah byk lari dah beb khasiat die, tu yg better pakai yg coldpressed nyer VCO, no heat involved.. echeh.

    biasala... aku papa yg dah ajar macam2 pun anak die kadang2 malas.. kite kan geng, hukhuk, jom merajinkan diri jom!

  5. berminat nak cuba produk VCO ni..kat mna boleh dptkan produk ni yek?..farmasi ada x?..-Liza

  6. salam liza, at this moment takde kat farmasi, bought directly dari supplier, if you wish i can but it for you, anything boleh jek email pada sy :)