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Thursday, January 20, 2011

'Food Revolution'

Have you ever heard of Food Revolution by Jamie Oliver. I've read it in the web few months back about Jamie was pushed away in US school cafeterias for invading their so call 'standard USDA meal'. I was moved by it but not TOTALLY moved until last night when me and my hubby watched Oprah

The episode was featuring Ryan Seacrast (i think he's so humble & superbb..mcm lah pernah jumpe kan.haha) and at the last session Ryan told the audience on his latest project with Jamie Oliver which is FOOD REVOLUTION USA. Im not gonna to discuss on the details, but actually its related to my dad's continously complaints on our hostel meals when i was in the boarding schools. My dad slalu bebel "camner la budak2 melayu nak sihat, pandai..makan mee goreng for breakfast, nasi goreng n ayam goreng.." i was like at that time, wutever papa... yg penting sodapp..haha, dah tu jek menu yg ada right". But now, especially when having our own child and reading a lot of articles and listen to alot of ceramahss by my dad (hehe) it really knock us (as you know my dad started having the consiousness of being healthy after his heart surgery when i was 11). Healthy eating should start since we were small, and shall be continously nourished during our preschool and so on. I remembered during my kindergarten day during snack time we were given mee goreng, candies and air sirap & it was heaven for us at tht time.. geees.

We've been strictly control what our child been eating or drink since they were a baby hoping he or she will have a better healthy lifestyle than us and shall we sacrifice what we have done when they entering schools? i guess not!

Im not sure what are the standard meals in schools nowdays here in Malaysia. Jamie in Food Revolution manage to reveal the standard meal in schools approved by USDA was simply french fries, nuggets, processed foods n etc (most of it are processed foods) . If it is Malaysia i would totally pissed off with the government for approving that type of menu.. huhu! And its proven that the present generation will live 10-14years shorter than their parent because of the mistakes done by generations before them.. erk!The initiative of Jamie going through all the challenges, rejections were purely basically to improve our healthy lifestyle. Eventhough he's an international celebrity, i think he should be fren with my dad..haha (iklan jap) . I like his msg in his blog

This food revolution is about saving America's health by changing the way you eat. It's not just a TV show, it's a movement for you, your family and your community. If you care about your kids and their future take this revolution and make it your own. Educate yourself about food and cooking. Find out what your child is eating at school. Make only a few small changes and
magical things will happen. Switching from processed to fresh food will not only make you feel better but it will add years to your life. You can... (

As wut i have done for my daania, some (especially the older people around me) would say that im fussy by limiting daania's meal. which is actually not limited at all, we just have to know which food is right for them (my daughter is a good eater you know) . She's slim but healthy and active, thts the most important. As for ourself, me and my hubby is struggling to eat healthy due to our hectic schedule & limited resources, but we tried.. even one of his new year resolutions is to eat healthily(by the way did you guys noticed to keep fit and healthy in Malaysia is costly..huhu) The best is cook your own meal healthily.. lesser tumis2 and deep frying ... probably not as tastely as usual but its good for you & jimat mase too :D, have to get used to it i guess.

So thats my bebeling for today since my last post, just noticed its my first of 2011, huah!. Im just hoping that there should be a FOOD REVOLUTION here in Malaysia too... and i leave you with one of the episode of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution


  1. a start, i make/cook meals for FarahQ to eat during recess, no buying from canteen (syabas 2 myself kena bangun pagi2 buat srpn even though ada gak buatkan benda2 bergoreng eg fried kueteow/rice..)
    ive should start on Amni & Afiqah..later,hehe..

  2. yeah.. syabas bebeh!!bukan senang nak kene bgn pagi prepare bnde2 ni lg la u kan..takpe skali skale takpe jek goreng2 kan, cume i cube replace pakai extra virgin olive oil (beli yg affordable jek kat tesco..hehe)

  3. Isem-just sharing with u what I have done all my life trying to eat healthy.
    1. Steaming broccoli + cauliflower - put a dash of mixed herb in the water and let it steam with the vege (it will add flavour and body to it)
    2. Salmon tomato soup - garlic and onion slight browned with butter / margarine / or olive oil until fragrant - pour in 1/2 can of tomato juice (I use campbell) - put in potatos,carrot and let it boil to tender - put in salmon (1 slice) - bay leaves and leeks and dash of pepper and salt to taste. Great with garlic bread!
    3. If u really2 have an urge to eat on of those drummet / burgers - don't fry - put it in the oven for about 30mins. U will see all the fat and oil oozing out leaving with a lesser oily and less fat food.

    Actually I love watching Jamie Oliver did in UK how he wants to revamp the school food they served... Now that I have a son, I am very happy to introduce him good and healthy food.
    The bottom line - notice that Jamie Oliver is just trying to teach parents to teach their kids to eat REAL food.... (Just like what our mom n dad and grandparents taught us) - pisang lecek, bubur nasi, kentang rebus.. Those stuff...

    Good writing and with u all the best for year 2011! :)

  4. Jamie Oliver, I love the show! u dh sign food petition ker?

  5. k.aidil: tnx sis for the tempting recipes (lambat plak respon kat blog ni kan but i did response in d fb though..hehe) dont have the time yet to try the salmon tomato soup... hoping this weekend! yeah!!
    ramlah: best kan kan kan.. oo already signed beb :D

  6. Love Jamie so much. His food revolution is temting. Yes, agak costly. As for me, aku kena food revolution for myself first :) baru nanti senang nak kempen satu famili:)

  7. che rus: you go gurlll!!!