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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Photo of us celebrating birthday together in 2007. (from left: me, mummy, khaldoun, mama & aunty bedah)

Mama is my grandma (my mother's side) For me she's the coolest grandma to smile, watch chinese opera, not a much talker n loves to cook. I remembered during my boarding school years , and it was holiday... Mama will prepare for me snacks, peeling apples or mangoes and sliced it into a bowl. She will come to me and say......"Nana...makan" :D Mama was not so fluent in Malay, she generally speaks chinese with my mom and her kids, but to her grandchildrens (who degil not to learn chinese) she'll speaks simple Malay.
Me myself and Mama shared our birthday 26th November. Probably that's why my mom said if something bad happens to me, she'll have the instinct of it. There was one time when i was involved in an accident, and at the exact precise time Mama fell down at my home while walking... such a coincident....
At the age of 95, 9th march 2011 our beloved Mama passed away peacefully in the arms of my aunty bedah and my mom. I was back in KL at that time but we did have some time together because we were in jb during the weekend before she passed away and she looks just normal n healthy. Daania was happily playing with her only the difference was Daania did play with her quite some time compared to any other time when we were in jb. Today has been 7 days she passed away..... she was laid to rest on the 9th afternoon at the Muslim burial grounds in Mahmoodiah, JB -AL-FATIHAH to Mama (Rathiah bt. Abdullah),

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