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Monday, September 26, 2011

Learning to teach your kids Al Quran

Last weekend on the 24th, i attended a course named "Kurus Mengajar Al Quran pada Bayi dan Kanan-Kanak" by Lina Karim from islamic parenting network. As mentioned in my previous blog that i've been following her blog after my jiran sebelah at my ofis, Nor showed it to me several months back. You may read her blog at and

If you read it thoroughly, you'll have huge respect on her for having the will of educating her child with Al Quran eventhough she's not from any religous education background. So before the course started, i met k.Lina (suka2 hati jek panggil org kakak, perasan diri ini muda.hehe) in person and had a very brief chat because she was so busy welcoming guests and managing the whole course. I do understand most of the participant wish to chat with her, ask a lot of questions..but i just leave it to the course as i believe it will answers everything....

AND IT WAS! ooh i was so blessed for attending it only that how i wish my husband was there with me (Important note to all future participant... please attend with your beloved hubby as your mission will become easier when you understand together and listen to what k.lina presents with your own ears! you'll feel the perasaan menusuk kalbu everytime k.lina previewed her videos... so its best to feel it together right)..huhu. As for me since i attended it alone, i'll have to brief it all over again to my husband (hope he'll understand) ..amin :D

Oww...forgot to tell you the content of the course (too excited i guess :D) I paste here some captions from k.Lina's website regarding the course

"Kursus ini bukanlah kursus Teknikal mengajar Tajwid Al Quran (Kelas Tajwid) atau Bagaimana membaca Al Quran (Kelas Mengaji) tetapi ia adalah kursus yang mengajar Kaedah atau Teknik Mengajar/memasukkan Al Quran pada kanak-kanak daripada bayi. Seperti yang kita tahu, kanak-kanak sangat mudah untuk belajar cuma hanya kita sahaja yang tidak tahu bagaimana mahu mengajar mereka."

"Telah terbukti kanak-kanak boleh mengenal huruf, membaca dan menghafal al Quran pada umur 3 tahu
n. Ini boleh dicapai jika usaha dari ibubapa sendiri dan bukan menyerahkan anak dan bergantung kepada guru-guru. Rata-rata di Malaysia ini kanak-kanak kebanyakkannya didedahkan dengan permulaan mengenal huruf Al Quran pada umur 5 tahun. Kemudian peringkat membaca dan pengakhirnya mungkin sehingga khatam pada umur 7-9 tahun. Mengikut norma biasa mengajar al Quran menyebabkan anak kita bermula lambat menjadikan mereka lambat menguasai al Quran itu sedangkan Al Quran itulah yang patut dimasukkan kedalam diri anak kita dahulu sebelum perkara-perkara lain"

For me, besides how to teach your kids to learn and memorize Al Quran, its like an Islamic Early Learning Education for parents... i love it! A lot of tips and techniques in educating our child were given... from knowing your kids learning skill ability and potential to what's the best brain food for your kids (or maybe for yourselves).

After attending the course, i felt more determine in nurturing my child with Al-Quran... the only challenge is MYSELF and my husband!both of us have to be self discipline and be a better person. InsyaAllah.. AMIN.

photo during the course (taken from Islamic Parenting Network fb page) notice me in the middle of the class.....kyusuk sekali!..huhu

p.s: to Kak Lina , thanx a lot for sharing everything with us... it was so inspiring for what you have done. May Allah bless you and your family


  1. Alhamdulillah.. Glad to know how you feel about the course, here, in your beautiful blog. May the sharing benefits you and your family. Thank you.

    p/s: Minta izin share in my islamicparentingnetwork facebook ya.

  2. i like x 5 times!bestnya kalau dpt pergi~

  3. K.lina: huah!tnx for visitting :D
    Nofie: u should go! Ur kids sure cepat jek sbb basic at home dh ade kan. Nnti kite request k.lina buat tour ke JB plak...hehehe

  4. i yg suggest nak pg, i yang xpergi2 lagi...waaaa...insyaallah dalam masa terdekat nih!!!

  5. waah. bagus lah kursus ni. aku pun setuju- sebelum ajar anak2 apa2 lagi- better ajar alquran- in simple words lah.. nak join jugak la kelas ni.

  6. nor: xpe xpe...insyaAllah 1 day, chaiyyok!
    che rus: btol2..mika tgh baby2 ni lah is the best time! daania dh nk masuk 2 thn br discover kursus ni... tp still better late than never :D