this blog is inspired from my dad who's a health control freak..:D but in a good way though, who taught us alot in sickness and health. And its time to share it to everyone.. Sharing is Caring :D

Monday, October 3, 2011

My Supermummy!!

It's Monday midnight, and still in Tarom. Im still in JB because of my mom and my work. I think this's the first time i'm telling you guys in my blog that my mom is not well due to ovarian cancer which was discovered as i remembered end of 2009. She has underwent numerous treatments at Impian Emas Medical Centre under the care of my dad and his team.. thanks alot to them!!

Through a lot of treatments, i do know that my mom suffers a lot.. she's so skinny today...she cant even walk by herself :( , but at the same time i do understand that her suffering now is the reaction due to her treatment which is good and clinically the results are positive. Only that from her face i knew she's mentally and physically tired, my dad always reminds me for not pity my mom too much... as we should motivate her more, encourage her for having positive mind, cancer does has strong connection with mind! Its really tough for being tough don't you think?! And till now i never cried in front of her or during our phone conversation!! i will cry like a baby once im in the toilet (if im in JB) or after i hang up the phone...huhu

Now, while in JB... i will accompany my mom watching tv in her room while letting my Daania playing in front of her sambil buat lawak ..... haha. than i can see my mom smiles and that really means alot to us! Sometimes i do feel like shifting back to JB, stay here...or maybe take a month unpaid leave just to take care of her while she's in her treatment... I did express my plan just now while watching tv with her.. but she says..."x payah la Nana, mummy ok...papa and aunty bedah ada.."..she says tak nak ganggu my work.. dear mummy... i dont mind at all, even if i have to stop working...hmm.

ooh my writing getting sedih no no! im just wishing everyone who read this doakan my mom getting better, to give her strength physically and emotionally..... and some of you may meet my mom... i do hope u guys dont shed your tears in front of her, be strong... i know its really hard..but please try! InsyaAllah 1 day my mummy will be better... i think i've to make my mom to promise me that she'll be there when my kids getting married 1 day....(konfiden jek kids..plural nampak..huhu) My SUPERMUMMY, you'll be better insyaAllah... you're the strongest person in the world i'd ever known!


  1. isem....muge mak awak cptla semboh yah...

  2. Isem, sedihnya :).

    Tp you kena ikut pesanan Papa. I masa mula nak jumpa mummy lepas dia on treatment serius gabra sebab takut i nangis tgk dia. Masa dapat lepak kat rumah you mmg rasa mcm bersyukur sangat sebab dapat tahan x nangis depan dia.

    Instead!i yg sakit and mummy yg risau2 jaga i plak. tapi masa dapat makan tengah hari berdua dengan dia, pastu borak2..gelak2 cerita pasal daania during ida's wedding rasa happpy sangat dapat buat mummy gelak!

    Itulah, i pun ada juga rasa nak mintak balik Penang kalau bab2 yg melibatkan mak ayah ni. :(

    Hang in there my dear friend!

  3. balkis: tq dear..amin :D
    gee: u too tnx gak for ur support for all this while..haha, mummy mmg begitu, daania hari tu demam sikit die yg risau abes. ktorg sempat rakam video performance daania for her tokmi kat dlm bilik..lawak jek.. yang kelakarnye, lepas perform depan tokmi, boleh gi kat living hall perform depan tok pa die plak...budak cikenit ituuu!...huhu

  4. sedih baca post ni :( semoga mummy isem cepat baik :(

  5. pray for her...setiap yang berlaku ada hikmahnya..apapun, hargai ur mummy sebaik mungkin...IBU adalah segalanya...:)