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Friday, October 15, 2010

lil' daania's fav

Daania's latest stock.. Everything in this cupboard i bought at Cold Storage, IKANO :D
Skrg ni for her lunch and dinner, i love to make pasta (organic vege pasta; the top left in the pics) and mixed together with Heinz organic pasta cheese bake alternate with rice porridge ... walla!

Daania with her Rafferty's apple and cinnamon purie (her 9mths photo, rambut ciput jek..huhu)

Daania's fav snack at this moment, the white packaging snack i just discovered at Cold Storage Plaza Pelangi, JB (jauh tak...hehe), kat KL belum nampak lagi

Dalam banyak2 organic baby food in the market, my luv at first sight was this brand ; Rafferty's Garden. Suke giler because of its handy packaging. I started bought its cereal , fruit & vege puries and yogurt since daania 6mths dulu. Cuma now dah jarang beli sikit sbb started cooking heavier meal for her, so most of it i bought raw veges and organic pastas. And another brand is Organix, most of daania's snacks are from this brand.. only that it's a little expensive. So sometimes i do buy non organic snacks such as Baby bites or Heinz to alternate with the organic snacks :D

Since that i'm staying in Sri Damansara, most of the stocks i bought at Ikano; either Cold Storage or JUST LIFE, and saldomly around TTDI. And if im in JB, either Cold Storage, Plaza Pelangi or a Organic store in Taman Tasek ( tak ingat plak nama dia, i'll check later). But still most supermarket eg Jusco, cold storage, Sogo do sell organic products

As mentioned, most of the time i bought organic veges, potatoes, sweetpotatoes, pastas, fruits at JUST LIFE because i think its cheaper probably because its an organic & eco store & has more variety (jd member dapat discount :D) .. even organic tempeh, organic candy, organic chocolate pun ada..huhu.. and besides that really2 luv entering this store cus it has a rustic & rugget look :)
p/s: im not receiving any commision by promoting this.. hahaha :)


  1. i got tempted to try giving syakira organic food after reading your blog. i gave her some snack last nite pastu dia punye laa active lompat2 mcm daania..hahahhaha..salah brand kot..(maner nak cari alphabets pasta tu?)

  2. Sally: haha.. ye ke... active kegembiraan tuh.. kekekeke. yg alphabet tu first time terjumpa kat cold storage IKANO

  3. found the alphabet pasta @ jusco maluri..

  4. isma..kalo kat jj tuh mmg banyak jumpe heinz organic tuh...mau tau yg taman tsek tuh...ape name tempat/kedai itu..:)

  5. sally: yey..
    balkis: nama kedai tu Total Ocean Organic. die row shoplot blakang Maybank ;)

  6. waa bagusnya kak isma rajin survey and cari healthy food untuk anak. Tak mcm kita ni tak amik berat sangat. Sampai anak minum susu je walaupun dah 1 tahun 6 bulan. Coklat dia suka la makan..huhu ngan candy..ish teruk la mommy dia jaga..nak ikut jejak kak isma la...susahkan nak jadi mommy terbaik.

  7. organic vege alphabets ada di carrefour..pernah beli hari tu.

  8. orait dear...tq fer da info....nnti leh post resipi utk masak2....urk anak...:)