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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Readings | Fresh Foods for Babies & Toddlers

the magazine cover (ada tukang selak yg sibuk2 nak tolong ibu amik gmbr :) )

its a great guide for all parents just looking at the content

preparation kit, saje jek amik this photo cus its nice

guide in making varies types of vege & fruit purees

book description
This book offers sound advice for all parents, as well as a multitude of recipes - including brilliant family meals, party food and purees for first-time eaters., compiled by The Australian Women's Weekly

This entry dedicated to my dear fren Nor who's preparing for her lil' Naufal which going to be 6mths this Nov :D

I accidentally found this book at MPH 1 Utama when Daania was around 8mths i think. The first thing tht did caught my eyes are the cute images of each recipes..hehe.
Price: RM24.90

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