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Thursday, October 14, 2010

what's eating daania

Due to personal decision & supported by my husband n family, we chose to give Daania organic food as much as we can. Probably because looking at myself yang allergic with certain food, im just trying to avoid my daughter to have the same problem as me. Some of my girlfrens did ask is it truly beneficial? nnti anak ko x cerewet makan ke? tak mahal ke?

here is an article just to share with u guys on the benefit. for detail you may click here
" Is organic baby food really best for your baby? Pediatrician Elizabeth Knapp, MD, with Austin Regional Clinic Far West, believes it can be beneficial, especially before the age of two when baby brains are developing at a rapid rate and the organs are most likely to be sensitive to exposure to harmful substances.

"Good nutrition is important at any time because its helps build a body that will sustain a child for the rest of his or her life," says pediatrician Elizabeth Knapp, MD, with Austin Regional Clinic.

If financially feasible, Dr. Knapp recommends choosing organic baby foods or making your own from organic products to avoid contamination with pesticides or other toxins. "Even small amounts of pesticide exposure are dangerous for babies because of their smaller body mass. Their brains are developing rapidly and are especially sensitive to neurotoxins at this age."

Non-organic foods, including baby foods, also contain higher levels of hormones and antibiotics "

Part yg cerewet makan pun, i tgk my daughter tak cerewet pula untill now. Sumbat lah apa2 dia hepi jek menganga nak :D Its just as a working mother, you have to sacrifice your time to cook her meal every day early in d morning before sending her to the nursery. I do admit that sometimes mmg tak sempat nak masak, so got to rely on the nursery's food and redha jek lah... huhu.

Mahal? its subjective... for me at the end of the day how our baby's health we want it to be. I think not that much, just bought a little portion just for them, untuk mak bapaknya makan macam biasa jek lah :)

Next entry i'll may list out what organic food i usually buy for daania, her snacks and where to buy them


  1. betul2...daania mmg makan jek apa yg kita bagi.
    daania aunty sampai mimpi2 daania malam itu.
    miss u already

  2. haha, mmg pelahap cam ibu die lah katekan..(oops) :D

  3. yah...mau tau beli dimane tuh sume...:)

  4. as long as it's halal...that's matter :)

  5. balkis: kat Jb kan.. boleh cari kat jusco n cold storage, byk option gak :)
    ramlah: haha. ye ye jek, sbb tu daania pun maintain
    anonymous: yes totally agreed! on top of everything :)

  6. ooowhh dadif kite susah sgt nk makan la....dania ook tak bab makan neh???

  7. balkis: takpe, sometimes ade stage baby camtu

    Daania makan ok jek, sometimes msk for daania tukar2 menu, so that die tak boring. yang Heinze pasta cheese tu sedap.. cube la (kdg2 curi2 suap diri sendiri..huhu). Kalo dapat yg Rafferty tu, sure die suke sbb byk giler range die. takpun beli organic fruit n buat puree sndiri, jimat sikit