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Saturday, October 30, 2010

my dream shoe

the isabooties range. Happened to be Isabooties is an eco-friendly product.yey! Go Green!

soo my favourite :) (i know sure my frens would say...ok so color isem :) just cant help it guys)

Well clearly not for me..but for daania... hahaha, been eyeing for these isabooties shoes for several months tapi tak beli2 pun, just adoring it at the website n fb.. harga.. ouch! for a kid's shoe i think. huhu . And alang2 surfing on its website, i found a good article on Tips for choosing the right shoe for your infant / toddler. Here i copy n paste in (meaning i typed it back...huah rajin plak ek despite my lil' daania pun mnyebuk kat sebelah ni)

Tips for treating your baby’s tootsies right

Baby shoes keep getting cuter, but you may want to hold off on putting them on your infant. “If it’s a special occasion, shoes are fine-but otherwise, it’s best to keep your baby barefoot until he’s walking outside on unsafe surfaces or his feet need to be covered due to the weather,” says Tanya Remer Altmann, M.D., a pediatrician in Westlake Village, Calif., and author of 2006’s The Wonder Years and 2008’s Mommy Calls. Meanwhile follows these expert suggestion:

Buy shoes with flexible soles unless your child is a late walker (17months or later). Look for brands that are firm enough to protect your baby’s tootsies yet allow him to bend his feet easily

Choose stiff soles if your child isn’t walking by about 17 moths. “Children who are late walkers tend to have very flat, flexible feet,” says Ronald Valmassy,DPM. A podiatrist at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco. “They need a stable base of support to push off from”

Skip sock on slick floors. An unsteady walker can slip on wood or tile. If you want to keep those little toes warm, opt for soft, flexible shoes with nonslip on suede soles

Use sandals sparingly. Sandals are not for toddlers who are running, climbing and getting into everywhere.” Altmann says

Size up often. Re-evaluate your child shoes size every 3 months. That’s how quickly his feet grow


Frankly, i dont have the time yet to look at the shoes in store. The only store that i know tht sells it is Tiny Tapir, besides that are online store which sells cheaper than the market price. Only that b4 i buy it online, i think i have to take alook first ..huhu

But last few weeks i did found similar concept shoe at Tree House in One Utama, the designs are cool too and much cheaper but still isabooties have a lot more design range. So kesimpulannya... tgk lah camner.. haha :)


  1. Nana, mothercare n metrojaya pun de gk booties cm nih.
    Very soft...u gonna luv it.
    But d only prob is dat it'll get dirty much easier esp kalu tpijak tmpt yg basah...

  2. k.yaya...tq:D
    but i truly fond with tht chocolate fleur design...uwaaa..hehe, cam nak makan jek kan
    at last, last nite we went to treehouse & bought daania's shoe, pink & white (lg la senang kotorkan..huhu)

  3. time pose or raya last time ada nampak kak isma gi tgk2 kasut baby di lovely lace...huhu..mmg kuat survey ya!.. me pakai sambar je...pastu baby tak mo pakai..mmg kene survey and test2 dulu..